Merge Stylist – Take good care of your nominees

[Game] Merge Stylist – Fashion Makeoverviews :

Merge StylistTada~ The Makeover Show is on air!

The Makeover Trio Simon, Leona, and Drew will give nominees a head-to-toe makeover, including new beauty styles, makeup, hair, and more fashion choices! And also includes house decorating and renovating.

Of course, they’ll consider your opinion when making a makeover. You have so much to master, but once you get the hang of it, designing is a breeze! However, you still have to respect and consider the ideas of nominees, merge items and fulfill the orders to gain new outfits, furniture, and haircuts, give them a perfect makeover!

Yellow or Pink wallpaper? Ponytail or long waves of hair? Dress or Suit? Take good care of your nominees and choose what’s best for them!
Discover hundreds of unique elements on the board. Fulfill the orders by collecting and merging items using multiple combinations. Earn surprising rewards at the end of every order!
The dilapidated floors and dusty sofas must be removed! Redesign, restore, and redecorate the spaces to suit the tastes and needs of the nominees.

1. Tap the items which have a lightning mark on them.
2. Drag the same items together to create a new one.
3. Check your customer’s orders above the board, merge items to fulfill orders.
4. Choose your favorite furniture, redecorate the rooms, completely refresh the room!

What are you waiting for? Download the game and join us NOW!!!

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Merge Stylist user reviews :

I like this game it’s quite additive, and annoying at the same time lol. You do however have to put up with adverts but I think that’s all games now. I am having abit of a prob when i come out of the game & turn it back on I’m losing game money that I’ve won but apart from that I’m enjoying it

Loved playing this game until all of a sudden it lags the just glitches out goes to a black screen and goes back to my home screen

this game is very interested,,I really like this game..and very enjoyable game…

Game was fun. Spent a little money, though it wasn’t necessary. Had to reinstall because my phone was acting up. Now my progress and purchases are gone.

Downloaded this game, got a few chapters in to it… Then my phone got wiped and when downloading it again, the game gets stuff on the loading screen and since then I’m unable to play it again

really enjoy the game, willing to spend money on it but second chapter and it glitches. won’t let you purchase.

Fun and easy however very glitchy! It blacks out your style options and you cant see them.

i should have a fashion designer makeover

Love it! Haven’t gotten stuck for too long yet, so that’s good! Awesome concept and doesn’t glitch so far

This is a neat makeover and design game. Please keep updating and adding more characters

It is a good app but after finishing one story i cant down load another one so please fix this problem i really wanna play this game its very good

Only 3 clients in the whole game. I wish you could have had atleast 7 clients in the game.

Good game EXCEPT to get the bag, is really a struggle to get 50 more coins bc I spent ALL my coins and gens plz make them cheaper OR I WILL DISTORY YOU so, plz make them cheaper plz, plz, plz, and maybe I’ll give another one of you’re game 5 stars :) maybe, maybe, maybe, OR ELSE plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, :) oh and make the make-up cylinder have less time to wait. :) Like it’s 1 hour and it’s still not open

I could play this for hours! Great game!!!

just started playing this game. fun so far

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