Cooking Crush Legend – Help the chef prepare a wide variety of dishes

[Game] Cooking Crush Legend – Match

Cooking Crush LegendDo you like restaurant simulation games?
Want to play a relaxing and casual match-3 game?
Cooking Crush Legend can meet your needs.
As the chef of a restaurant, you need to meet customers’ orders.

By constantly pass levels, you can unlock more exquisite food.
Let’s enjoy the fun of simulation game while playing match 3 levels.

Game features:

Challenge hundreds of fantastically fun Match 3 levels.
Use the various props in the game to make it easier to achieve your goals!
Earn 3 stars in each stage to earn Gold Coins!
No time limit, simple rules, but highly strategic game.
Play offline or online matching with your family or friends anywhere, anytime!

Help the chef prepare a wide variety of dishes!

Cooking Crush Legend is launch on Android Market and we work hard to bring a great game.
So let’s support us by download this game – Play – Get relax. Thanks!

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Cooking Crush Legend user reviews :

Love all your games!! Great graphics, fun puzzles, extremely relaxing. I appreciate that there are no games with timed explosions or anything stressful. Totally addicting!! Can’t wait for the fifth game!! Was on the second set of stages when the game started over. I lost all of my boosters and everything. Don’t understand what happened. Tech never responds so

Cute game, but it’s not always super responsive. Sometimes it gets sluggish and I have to exit and restart the app. Also, the ads are super annoying. Especially when you have to exit the game to get out of the ad. Trying to decide if I want to keep it or uninstall.

I’ve only begun playing the game. It is fun and challenging. I love how you can win prizes of all kinds including different ways to earn coins. I think once I play the game more I will change my rating to a 5 star. As long as I don’t have any problem.

I enjoy the game and would have given it five stars but there is an ad after each round and no way of buying “no ads” if you wanted to. The ads are short which is good but they are annoying.

Extramly easy, I’m on level 110 and haven’t lost any lives yet and I haven’t used any boosters. Only thing is I wish the new equitment and food items were more frequent. Next one is level 150. Other then that its fun

Fun Perfect and very addicting game. I find nothing wrong with this game at all. And nothing could make it better ither.Thanks to all for creating this wonderful and very relaxing game. GREAT JOB~WELL DONE. 10+

Great game. Almost too easy…hope it gets a little more complicated. But for mindless entertainment its perfect!

Game is okay but nothing new and when you first start playing it every thing seems all good then all of suddenly boom started showing ads then i uninstalled can’t stand ads

Never any sound after it goes to ad sound goes away and that’s annoying

Fun, lots of options for coins and tools needed for game.

Great game. Very enjoyable. Design and graphics are awesome.

I love the rhythm of the music it’s funky and soothing and the game is awesome

Easy to play in-between other games that need time to build up

I just started playing this game and I got to say I love it already the graphics are awesome the game play is amazing this game is amazing

i RARELY! give 5 star & there are only a few lil industry ‘givens’ or hiccups; sooo minimally unobtrusive to gameplay & enjoyment as to bother mentioning! *there is NO actual cooking*dif twist! GREAT GAME hope it stays the SAME thanks devs

I like optional hints . I also like to choose when to use my bonuses!!

Great game great graphics great prizes lots of levels

Very fun and engaging! Highly recommended.

I love this game it’s fun please dont let it go bad I would miss playing thanks

Great game! Love it can’t stop playing it

Luv this game very easy and entertaining.

This game will calm your anxiety and stress down so please play this

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