Merge Tasty – It’s a culinary world beyond imagination

[Game] Merge Tasty

Merge TastyAt Merge Tasty, the annual food merger competition is taking place, bringing together animal and human chefs from around the world.

It’s a culinary world beyond imagination, full of world-famous delicacies. With your dream of becoming a chef, you’ll explore exotic cooking in delicious towns, meet skilled animal chefs, and discover new magical restaurants.


MERGE – Everything you see can be merged into new premium items. Simple mergers create extraordinary worlds.

DISCOVER – You will always find new ingredients, new characters, new restaurants in the delicious town.

COOK-operates different restaurants, fast food restaurants, dessert shops, western restaurants… Serve delicious food for hungry diners.

DREAM – Receive culinary training from animal chefs and realize your chef dreams.

MORE – There’s more fun and challenges, get into the game and explore it all.

It’s time to start the joyful journey! Find your friends and join Merge Tasty together!

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Merge Tasty user reviews :

fantastic game!! please don’t change things. just started playing and enjoying it immensely. I definitely recommend this game. Lots of energy given by watching ads that aren’t overbearing. I like how you can use the hearts to unlock extra space’s Kudos to the team developers for a wonderfully creative design; Characters are cute as well. one suggestion though, I would love to see the events made longer, as I am never able to complete them. All in all it’s one of my favorite games.

i loved this app. definately one of my favorite merge games. however, after lots of time,effort,and even money it just quit working. i cant cook the food, cant collect anything, its really odd. i emailed support, still no response ( its been a month) im very disappointed. so play if you want, but dont get attached.

Don’t get me wrong I love this game and it worked so well for me up until today.. one of the resterants glitched and now no matter how many times I reset the game I can’t make dishes or merge items.. I can’t even play the game anymore. Really don’t wanna uninstall the game since I kept forget to sync it with Google but if I don’t get a response or a way to fix it then I’ll have to uninstall… seems like many others are having problems as well

I’ve been playing the game for a few days now and I have noticed that there is a huge bug with the saving of the current gameplay. There doesn’t seem to be any way to exit the game itself. This maybe the cause of the bug, but I have come back from playing earlier and the game hasn’t saved my last place. Therefore I’m losing my progress every time. If it’s connected to Google Play, it’s not updating enough whilst you’re playing the game or it’s not doing anything at all.

Loving the game so far, but there’s a couple bugs/issues I’ve come across. Tapping on buildings can be buggy at times, requiring multiple taps to get the menu to stay open. A more glaring issue however, is on the event/story islands. If you’re not on that map when an item is made, it won’t unlock the next portion of the map. This quite heavily impacts progress, so hopefully this is something that can be fixed.

so far I absolutely love the game really cute and fun my only problem is is there needs to be a bug fix why I keep losing my land all I’m seeing is like I’m in water I opened it the other night and I had land I could actually see where I could put my stuff now it looks like I’m in a big ocean

I’m very impressed by the developer’s talent in this game. The colors and graphics are so beautiful. It’s totally fun and very addictive. I’ve been playing Merge Country for some time now and I have to admit that I see some serious competition between the two. This developer is a little bit more generous than expected and keeps the game moving. I also love the way the peices slide with ease. I love everything about it. I even appreciate the video ads because they play quickly. Awesome Game!!!

I’m loving this game but there’s glitches making it hard to impossible to play. After viewing an ad I get kicked out; come back, workers now need over 400 minutes to build what is really only 3 or 5 minutes. I stop them but it still says I have no workers. Then it starts them over again. I shouldn’t have to pay 80 rubies each for them to finish so I can play. It’s happened twice in 2 1\2 days. If I have to wait over 5 hours for it to finish, I’ll uninstall because then there’s no point playing.

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