Merge Manor Room – Turn the empty manor into a dream luxury residence

[Game] Merge Manor Room – Match Puzzle

Merge Manor RoomMerge manor room is a new merge puzzle game.

Here, you need to combine items, cooperate with friends to complete tasks, decorate the manor room, and turn the empty manor into a dream luxury residence!

Easy and enjoyable gaming experience
If you are a fan of synthetic games, this upgraded game will never let you down; if you are a casual gamer, puzzle game lover, “”Merge manor room”” can bring you a brand new game Experience, there are no super-difficult and complicated puzzle levels, you can play if you want to play, and stop if you want to.

Unlock and upgrade your manor
Earn stars and decorate your room step by step, from an empty living room to beautiful furniture, an empty garden to a luxurious swimming pool, and you can explore the entire estate as you progress through the game. Enjoy the wonderful process of upgrading your luxury estate!

Collect and synthesize hundreds of items
Tools, jewelry and treasure chests, hundreds of items are waiting for you to explore! Satisfy your collecting cravings and each item will provide a reward! In addition, there are many amiable friends who come to complete tasks with you and help you unlock the manor.

Game Features:
Merge – Merge items to become something new! Hundreds of item combinations for you to explore!
Unlock the manor – decorate each room, the huge manor is waiting for you to unlock!
Friends – Different friends to help you complete the renovation!
Easy and casual – there are no complicated levels, let you play as you want!

Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned veteran, try playing Merge manor room, you will get a never-ending sense of relaxation and a satisfying gaming experience.

Merge Manor Room user reviews :

I would have given 4 or 5 stars, but my tablet broke amd I just purchased gems and coins with real money. I emailed to get my purchase reinstated. I even told them I understood I had to start the game all over and didn’t care to, just wanted my purchase restored. Only reply I got was basically “sorry at this time, game cannot be saved when having to reinstall it. Also, having to watch ads after one completes an achievement is crazy. I don’t care to watch ads, but not when I’ve achieved something

I like it for now, that is it got hard enough that I loose more than I win. I mean three or four times in row. I only thing that bugs me it how many times that the game has an app add interfere with playing. But at least they are not boring

This game is addicting, especially since you can get unlimited energy and goods from watching ads. However, I had to reset my progress, because of poor game design.. the unique boxes you get, such as “Pen Box” MUST be opened and used right away, or else you miss a point in the objectives where you need those items. I had merged the items I needed, and had no more Pen Boxes. No telling if I’d get another.. so I reset. Otherwise, I like the game, enough to even replay it.

  • Hello, thank you for your feedback, can you take a screenshot and send it to the email: help_support[at]

I love it! *Mostly*… There’s one little thing that keeps driving me nuts though; it won’t recognize my Note9 sPen! Any other generic stylus works, but the one that has a Bluetooth connection to– and a little storage/charging inset *in*– my phone? NOPE!

Great for merge fans, but much too cluttered! Way too many supplier’s with all kinds of new item’s until the board looks like a hoarders dream. Even the home page is cluttered with too many off the wall things to buy or additional challenges. THEN when you’re trying to remember which supplier (I have 9 so far) produces which item’s that the customers want, you click on the wrong one & the board is filled with stuff nobody wants & the energy goes down, etc!

Great game VERY FUN and addict, but I lost all progress and it started from level one and I can’t seem to get back my progress. That sucks. Please help

This game is really cool unlike other merge games I’ve played you have max energy plus the game is smooth like that you don’t have to wait for hours for a chest to open and you get plenty rewards great game love it.

I am absolutely I love with the game. I play it every single day but today the game started glitching. I tried to close the app and open it back up but it continued to glitch. If the glitch can be fixed that would be amazing! Update: glitched was fixed the next day! Y’all are awesome!

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