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[Game] Merge Toons

Merge ToonsAre you ready to follow the mystery story of Roxanne in puzzle-solving merge stories game?

Boom! Welcome to Merge Toons!

When turning a new page in life turn into a catastrophy! Cheated, hurt and alone with a baby on the way in the middle of the ocean, she has to rebuild her life and escape all the dark adventures that follow.
Help Roxanne to make the right choice in her journey and rebuild her villages along the way.

Why you’ll love Merge Toons: merge puzzle game:

Make the correct choice and help Roxanne to get out of the trouble that follows
Collect stars by completing easy or challenging tasks to earn amazing rewards in merge puzzle game and elevate to the next level!
Relax while you play a fun interactive adventurous merge magic puzzle game
Build villages by collecting the stars needed in each village to transform and upgrade each cartoony character and item.
Unlock and discover new fantastic & fun-loving villages
Merge at your pace! Are you a merge master or merge beginner? Play at your pace whether it is a merge here or there or participate in a merge puzzle marathon completion.

If you like merge town, merge manor, merge stories and merge design than Merge Toons: Merge puzzle game is definitely for you!

Buckle up and let’s get started!



Merge Toons user reviews :

great game, but it’s been months with no new levels. I’ve been waiting patiently (as have many others). Even just a “working on new levels” with an estimated time frame on y’all’s fb page would be great.

Lovely little game. Uninstalling because it jumps into ads while you are playing, with one minute intervals. So basically you are playing ads.

Love this game but I’m stuck on 21 with no more levels, are you going to add more?

Forced ads, not for rewards. Wants you to pay to remove them. To the dev, i will choose to cluck ads for rewards all day long, but if you force me to watch something then you get a bad review and an uninstall.

This game is good but it’s very challenging it makes you think it’s a great way of learning because it’ll challenge you into making certain decisions to complete your task at hand

Love this game but since the update the other day can no longer watch videos for energy! It’s always stuck at 3h 59m. Otherwise it’s a fun game!

  • We’re very sorry you’ve encountered this issue! Please contact us at mergetoons[at] with your details. Include your Game Id, the device you use and when do you encounter the issue. We’ll do our best to resolve it. Thank you!

I am enjoying the game so far. There are lots of lives to be had, so the play is longer and can progress well. I like the graphics too.

loving the game. had an issue that stopped all gameplay. it was fixed quickly and interactions with devs were polite and helpful. game is fixed now. still loving it

(aka:testerzero) Well I got to some level and didn’t know what to do – something to do with “SALES”… Phooey Pshaw Poppycock… If ‘devs’ can’t give better directions I can’t give more time or interest… I’m outta here… (Not to mention – it was quickly becoming tam (tedious and monotonous) – a sure red flag – and TDB (the deal breaker)…

I love the game but since I have been playing it closes all the time and freezes so I have deleted it I like how you only ever reply to people if they give you five stars not very professional.

I don’t like how am ad will randomly play in the middle of playing it’s very irritating I don’t mind choosing to watch an ad but other than that it’s a fun game

the game is really fun. but I’m not able to buy the extra stuff. so I count on the free objects so that I can continue to play the game.

  • We’re very sorry you’ve encountered this issue! Please contact us at with your details. Include your Game Id, the device you use and when do you encounter the issue. We’ll do our best to resolve it. Thank you!

Great game, but how much longer do you have to wait for the level 23 update? Also, I don’t know why there are so many complaints about ads, this is not an issue for me, no ads interrupting play at all.

I love this game but I’ve been waiting on the new update. It now keeps closing on it’s own and I have to keep reopening the app

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