Unicornilandia – Make sure your kingdom is safe

[Game] Unicornilandia – Merge Unicorns

UnicornilandiaUnicornilandia is in danger.

The crazy monsters and their bosses attack anyone in sight and only you can save them. Place your unicorns on the fourteen fluffy clouds we designed and make sure your kingdom is safe from any harm.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given level 1 unicorns. Merge same-level unicorns to level up.

They can be bought from the store. At the end of each level and after defeating the boss you will be rewarded with coins. The coins will be accumulating even when you’re offline and they will be waiting to be collected anytime.

There are a lot of exciting quests waiting to be completed. Tap on the top right corner of the screen and make sure you check them out. After their completion, you will be given a couple of purple gems. Catch the magic fish to earn prizes like unicorn eggs, gems, the option to fast forward time to get more gold, and many others. We have a big surprise in store for you: a daily reward. So don’t forget to collect it! Go to the shop and choose the option to time travel for how many hours you want in exchange for diamonds or choose any other alternative available like the starter pack or doubling your coins forever.

Use the incubator to hatch new eggs and fill the empty spaces on the clouds you may still have. Sell unicorns that are not to your liking, thus completing one of the most important quests. The monsters will be defeated much more easily if you own higher-level unicorns. Therefore, merge as many as you can and make sure you have fun destroying all the bosses and winning this game.

You can find some of the many great features of this game down below:
Multiple and colorful characters you can choose from
Daily reward that can be collected anytime
Cheerful and upbeat music
Free to play
Develop a strategy to win the game
Incredible adventure to partake in
Complete quests to earn diamonds
Captivating storyline
Magic fish that rewards you with prizes

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Unicornilandia user reviews :

Warning: this is the Cutest game ever! Adorable baby unicorns, easy power ups, simple instructions and a fantasyland theme all work on you to insure long playing. The app has crashed a few times but I am seriously addicted!

It’s a really fun game, but it’s super annoying that when I try and watch an ad to claim a reward, it won’t let me even though my Internet connection is fine.

It is a wonderful app. Its graphics are simply awesome. Easy to play and interface is good. Childrens and all age group will love this

Amazing game with unbelievable graphics and disigns. Very cute performance and exactly thrilling game. I strongly recommend this application to all children

Unicornlandia is good game for all kids. I really like it. I play ever this type of game. Really better for kids. They provide good features in it

This app gives me a Excellent experience. Its easy to play its graphics are awesome and childrens will love this app. A quality work.

Excellent app and fantastic experience. Good quality works and easy and also interesting to play it. Childrens will love this app

It is a wonderful app. Excellent experience. Fantastic gaming app. Goof graphics. Childrens will love this.

Best game very good for kids brain development and smartness and especially for girl kids it extra ordinary for time pass and smartness

Yes This Is An Good And Fun App It Also Helps In brain Development And Time passing very Happy And good app .kids must try this

This is wonderful game and good interface fantastic and i like this game and good quality and high graphics

Unicornladia play this game every day. it is more then playing agame about pandas. It is fun and your love it is amuch as i do if you jest play it. Really fun and enjoying game

A GOOD App For Girl Kids Gameplay Is Really Good also brain development and smartness of the kids are increased concept is really nice

This is the helpfull game for childrens.this is very time pass game .i really like this game

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