Merge Warfare – Expand your territory and enhance yourself

[Game] Merge Warfare

Merge Warfare A new merge system. Drag Military Base and units to upgrade!
Skip to waiting time, be the ally of global players and make the strategy to be the strongest in the world!

Drag unit together to upgrade
Drag a unit on another to upgrade!
Drag unit together to upgrade
Over 100 kinds of military units are waiting for you!!
Drag unit together to upgrade
Move the buildings inside your base as you like!
Merge Warfare, which contains Characters of the cute pixel illustrations style + the Merge to Upgrade system, is a strategy game issued in 2020.

Over 100 kinds of military units support the merge feature, you can pay more attention to battle strategy. You can also learn the simple feature of upgrading base and development.

No more waiting before upgrade
You won’t need acceleration items to upgrade anything! You can drag the military base and unit upon another to merge and upgrade!
Save your energy, enables you to pay more attention to strategy, conquer the world!

Put it anywhere you want, build your unique military base
Highly free building mode! As the commander, you can control all the units!

Easy operations & strategic content
Rob resources from the enemy is the key to victory!
Expand your territory and enhance yourself. Your excellent strategy and ambition to rob resources from enemies are the most important!

Enjoy it with your friends
Allies will help you much if you want to conquer the world. Your allies might come from anywhere in the world, find them!
Make friends with players from all over the world!
Conquer the world together with your allies!

Merge Warfare user reviews :

Like another person said I open the game, it loads a few % then says “Permission denied” but no idea what Permission as I gave it gallery as that’s the only Permission it gives option to then it crashes

  • Hello, we have optimized your feedback and look forward to your praise

Like the game but it says “Premissions denied” and it closes the app i just bought one of the newest phones and I really just want to play!

  • Hello, thank you for your visit, I don’t understand your meaning too much here, If you still have doubts, it is recommended that you click to contact customer service in the game to describe the content of the problem you encountered in detail or provide screenshots so that we can better answer you.

Long list of simple problems that could be easily fixed but just obviously overlooked. First and most simple, the ads auto load the play store and when you go back to the game it closes itself to force you to reopen the game. So after every video, you have to reopen the game and log back in over and over again.

  • I’m very sorry to bring you an unpleasant game experience. I suggest you contact the customer service in the game to help you solve the problem. Your friend

As a game play I enjoy it it’s fun and easy to play and get the swing of things. But the downfall would have to be the glitches and the support team of lack off. I have messaged support about 8 or 9 times and just keep getting the standard reply and still un able to play my game properly if I hadn’t of spent money on the game I would of gave up by now

  • We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. If you have contacted us in the game, please check the reply to you

I know it’s just going to get an atuomated response, but i try to open game, gets to load screen then there’s a popup that say “permission denied” then closes, it runs correctly after opening it 100 times but what the heck is going on? Is it a server issue?

  • Hello, thank you for your visit. If you encounter a problem in the game, please click on the contact customer service button in the game to describe the problem you encountered in detail or provide a screenshot so that we can better answer your question. If your problem is resolved in the future, we invite you to give us a good comment.

I have read some of the bad reviews that say this is a pay to win game. Its not. You can still do amazing with out spending any money. Im Castle lvl 18 and I havnt spent a dime on the game. You just have to have a loyal allinace and have a peace shield up as much as possible. Both are really easy to get. The game is really fun and addicting once you have a little of power.

  • Thank you for your liking and wish you a happy game

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