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[Game] Empire Millennium Wars

Empire Millennium Wars Lead your corporate empire on Mars!

Build up your base, train your units and command them in action packed battles. Prospect and mine the rare resource Millennium and ship the highest amount possible to the Mars Trade Federation. Observe every move of your enemies on the world map and intercept rival shipments or loot their bases and refineries.

It’s the new gold rush in space with Earth corporations flocking to Mars in a bid to get the biggest share of the pie in the lucrative Millennium mining frenzy. With exclusive contracts and controlling interest of the Mars Trade Federation awarded to the most productive company, corporate warfare turns ruthlessly violent to sabotage and eliminate competition.

Who will dominate the Millennium mining and ultimately control the Mars Trade Federation with their corporate empire? Compete with other corporations to dominate the mining industry on Mars. Use any means necessary to crush your rivals and ultimately rule the Mars Trade Federation! Do you have what it takes to dominate them all?


JOIN the war in space with millions of other players
BUILD your base and train your units
COMMAND your army in tactical fights to loot enemies bases
SCAN the surface for Millennium deposits
MINE the unique resource Millennium
INTERCEPT rival shipment and steal resources
ALLY with players all over the world and communicate in an real-time chat
RULE the Mars Trade Federation as CEO and get unique rewards

Lead your corporate empire in space and join the Millennium Wars now. Enjoy a non-stop 24/7 action packed game brought to you by the developers of the global strategy hit “Empire: Four Kingdoms”.

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Website  www.empiremillenniumwars.com

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This app is completely free to play. Additionally it offers optional in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings.

This game requires an internet connection.

Empire Millennium Wars user reviews :

I like the game, but that ONLY & REQUIRED window? That’s gotta go. Its annoying, and when I try to go to the website, the site cannot give a secured response. Overall, bad idea on that required thing

Just started. It’s a basic base build type game. No lag so far and no issues. That’s worth something.

after the last update on the game I can’t even played because the game would start because it says that I have when in the invalid email address and I don’t know how to correct it so if you can help me the developers of the game and please because I really want to play this at this about 2-3 months ago and now I want to play again but I can’t

It’s very basic with nothing else to do but build and wait. Usually there’s at least a pve mode or something.

I try to play this game but it keeps saying the email/credentials you have used are unavailable or something. I didn’t even enter an email. please sort this out

I find this game amazing and very fun, it would be so much better if you at least updated the game… why Is it that this game is the only game that doesn’t get updated out of all the ones that you have?

Alot of great things about this game, nothing to complain about, soon hopefully you Creator’s will add in a battle simulation or play a battle simulation..

Addictive. Could use a few new features and upgrades. Would draw more players.

Legitimately the best online game for free with decent game play, awesome graphics, and doesn’t over heat my smart phone.

I really like this game. But I really don’t like that you need construction cartridge in order to build

Very early for a review but good so far alot like koa and that bunch but a little different.

Good to great I will give you 5 star’s when I have played the game longer but up to yet I can’t see anything wrong with this game really enjoying it

this is a good game 10/10 but need to take it down with the resource box upgrading

Very pleasant game. She is look like legendary Dune from SEGA of 1990-th.

it has great game play and is an over all good game to have and play!

Im going go try out the game, im a natural gamer that loves gaming. Positive vibes over here. Enoying my moment

I know it’s been a little while since I logged in to play but my account no longer exists?

  • Hi, thank you for letting us know about the situations you experienced. If you are still facing this issue, please contact us with the detail information via our support email. Thank you in advance.

Contact developer :


Game was Removed from Play Store

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