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Messenger Go  Messenger Go app is the most complete application that lets users with all the popular messengers, social media applications, browser and a personalised content feed with privacy.

All in 1 Social Media & Messenger
Access all the social messenger. Enjoy content from all the social platforms which include youtube, instagram, twitter 9GAG, RSS, WordPress, News, etc. and be connected on the Messenger Go. Safe private experience on all signal, telcos network.

Pin your favorite posts to see them later on the dashboard.

Personalized Content
Choose your Interests and your content feed will be there as per your likes, dislikes and tastes. See short videos, long videos, bite sized content, articles of the topics you choose on all signal, phones, telcos.
Trending News
Funny Videos
Short Videos
Celebrity Gossips
Health & Fitness
Status and Stories

Smart Messenger Go Browser

Messenger Go browser is a smart private browser which provides you with all the best websites on a single click across all categories as Travel, Entertainment, Social, finance, Gaming and News. Pin your favorite apps and websites on the dashboard to enjoy a personal homescreen

Browser Features
Reading Mode
Incognito, Privacy, Private Browsing
Download Manager – Categorised by Images, Videos and Docs
Dark Mode
Pin to dashboard
Bookmarks – Websites, Posts and Reading list
Discover Websites and Lite apps
Extensions – Reader, Adblocker

Essential apps
Download Messenger Go and forget about installing multiple apps on your phone. Get features of all the essential apps on the phones as
Caller ID
QR Code Scanner
File Manager
Video Player

All in 1 Lite Apps

With Messenger Go app and you get instant access to over 500+ apps in just One App. Through ‘Smart Apps’, you can get immediate access to all the top shopping apps, social media apps, deals, travel apps, food apps and hotels.

All In One Online Shopping App – Shop on all major apps like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

All In One Social App Access social networking apps like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
All in One Games App Play popular games as Ludo, Card Games, Minesweeper, Battleship etc.

Easily switch between languages. Set a language to switch your app in your native language.International languages supported are Arabic, Bangla,Danish, French, German,Portuguese,Spanish,Japanese

Choose among your native Indian language or Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu.

Whatever you want to do on the Internet, Messenger Go makes it easy for you.

Made with love,
Team Messenger Go

Messenger Go user reviews :

It’s been a lot better since I’ve been using a smart phone. As I can access a load of different materials such as the latest news, the indepth games, Amazon, TikTok (even though I don’t want anything to do with it) gifs etc that my friends send me. Except I can’t find the normal icons easily. Which is really infuriating, as they’re good to add to your conversation. Plus all my friends & family have gotten used to me placing a purple heart in my conversation

I would have given it five all stars, now it has got too much ads, Remove ads on it, otherwise its a good app, improve it in the next update and late it have a messenger tone like that of the others.thank you
  • Appyhigh Technology
  • Hi Steven Macholola, We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. Please send us more information at support[at] and our technical team get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I used to think that there is no difference between an email and a messenger app. It’s pretty much the same thing. But after using this facebook like application, I realized that it gives you the ability to add instant live interactive video, photos, stickers, memes, and emojis, right within the app

I used to think that there is no difference between an email and a messenger app. I realized that it gives you the ability to add instant live interactive video, photos, stickers, memes, and emojis, right within the app, which is super interesting.

I have been looking for this app all these while, it’s actually my favourite app when it come to fast messaging and notifications about message The one I downloaded before,messanger lite to be precise was very slow and I was unable to reply to a certain message and some features in video calls are not efficient on the other app

It really is a nice messenger, it definitely works and isn’t spamy no ads. You can choose from many options the way of texting, calling or video chat. The quality of voice is excellent. I even prefer it over phone calls. Stopped using facebook now. This is amazing.

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