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Instagram  Bringing you closer to the people and things you love. — Instagram from Facebook

Connect with friends, share what you’re up to, or see what’s new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life’s highlights.

Express Yourself and Connect With Friends

Add photos and videos to your INSTA story that disappear after 24 hours, and bring them to life with fun creative tools.
Message your friends in Direct. Start fun conversations about what you see on Feed and Stories.
Post photos and videos to your feed that you want to show on your profile.

Learn More About Your Interests

Check out IGTV for longer videos from your favorite INSTA creators.
Get inspired by photos and videos from new INSTA accounts in Explore.
Discover brands and small businesses, and shop products that are relevant to your personal style.

Instagram user reviews :

Ultimate I have had problems with the filters section, it is not like before and therefore it does not give me the options of all the filters that I have added. Put them back the way they were before, please. And also return the multi-capture option, it was quite functional. And also leave the share and save section as it was before, now it’s too hard in the new button, I may make a mistake sending it to a friend when I just want to save. Thanks.

I used to love Instagram and I considered it one of my favorite apps. But lately it’s only getting on my nerves more and more with the new updates. I can’t post videos anymore. I have to post my video without caption and then edit it and add a caption, otherwise it is going to be just a black screen. Also, I can’t post a video shaped the way I want it. It has to be a square (1:1). Please bring the old, fun Instagram back. I have literally started thinking of deleting the app. Please fix it

This app has so many bugs. When I go to upload a video and it gives me the option to upload it either cropped or expanded, it disregards my selection and acts as if I wanted it cropped. This has affected my ability to post. Sometimes sound with stories don’t work and I have to go back, find a video in my feed and enable sound for the video to be able to hear sound in stories??? This is my second time having to uninstall and reinstall to try to fix my issues.

It is a good platform to use, but just recently like a few mins ago I was using it fine, and then for some reason it keeps kicking me out of instagram. I ha e tried restarting my phone and deleting the app. I even updated the app. But neverr the less it keeps kicking me out. Please fix this bug or whatever this issue is. I know that i am not the only one that has this problem.

With the update, the quality of the stories has worsen. It makes my pictures look really bad when they actually look pretty good in my camara. I try to add music and it looks blurry, even though it didn’t before. It also crops my pictures and it pisses me off. There are a lot of other bugs but so far this has really bothered me, since it happened with the last update.

Everything is good, except for the delay in the notifications. It’s being super late at times, let’s say, I’m getting notified after some 5 minutes of a notification being delivered to me. I find this glitch to be super annoying, and I hope the Instagram team to come up with a solution for this. I’d like to know why I am experiencing this.

Really good, it’s great but I wish u could do more stuff on it, and I think the emojis should have a specific type, like the kind from apple phone or something, and I don’t think activity and for posts should be at the top of screen. And also, why can’t I get dark mode on it, I think it should already be an effect for insta

Great app for social and sharing, for twitter tumblr and facebook. Needs much more filters and effects though before i give it 5 stars

Relatively light app, no force closure, synces well and does all I need it to. I’ve heard bad things about the stock camera which are true, but take pictures outside the app then upload and all is well.

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