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Use Mi Band to set, track, and follow your health and fitness data day and night.
Monitor and track your sleep quality.
Start every day feeling rested with Early Bird Alarm.
Gain insights from easy to view trends based your personal health data.
Share your progress and stats with friends on Line or Facebook.
Skip the lock screens and use your Mi Band to unlock your Bluetooth devices (only available on Android 5.0 or Mi 3, Mi 4, and Redmi Note 4G).
Set your Mi Band to vibrate when you have incoming calls on your phone.
Compare and compete with friends using WeChat.

Mi Fit user reviews :

Overall satisfied. Would be better if, when there’s notifications from messaging apps (eg. WhatsApp), mi band 2 can display the contacts name along with the WhatsApp icon. That would be great and will improve my overall experience with the app. Also maybe you can have a setting that allows users to adjust the vibration intensity (if hardware allows it) Heart rate sensor is underused. Have to manually tap the band to register a reading and the all just shows all previous readings. I suggest having a setting for the band to take a reading every once and a while (eg. 10 mins) and the app can display it in a graph of heartrate over time

A lot of improvement in this version. This is appreciated. But I expected the App to include an alarm when the phone is left behind. Other Apps are doing this effectively, but I wish that it is part of the this Mi Fit version. Pls work on this feature. When this is done my 5 star will surely come.

Better with the new update however Why can’t the stock app be closer to third party. Also HR on mi band 2 sucks I could never get a reliable reading unless I’m testing in lab like conditions. And the time stamp is wrong

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