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Microsoft Edge DevWant to be one of the first to preview what’s new?

The Microsoft Edge preview channels are now available for mobile! This is the Microsoft Edge Dev channel for Android. Our Dev builds are the best representation of our improvements in the past week. Your feedback is what helps us improve, so download now and let us know what you think.

Microsoft Edge Dev user reviews :

As a web developer, I’ve had the opportunity to explore Microsoft Edge Dev, and I must admit Edge feels like a breath of fresh air compared to its predecessor, Internet Explorer. It’s light, fast, and designed as an easy and versatile tool for everyone to enjoy .

So I had the original Edge browser and it’s been acting up. I’ll go to open any tab or do any search and it forces me to desktop mode and when I want to be in desktop mode it forces me back to mobile view. So I seen a post where somebody had the same problem over a year ago and one of the responses was to download this version and it’s doing the same exact thing.

Great browser! I would have given five stars but there are some things that need improvement. The first one is the history tab: I mostly keep my history but I remove certain things I don’t want in the history tab and it’s painful to hold a single item and tap delete. It would be really nice if we could select multiple items and delete them at once just like chrome. The “clear history” doesn’t do that because it will delete all the items in that specific period of time. Thanks!

Works as well as Chrome (except with dns ech), windows version has better integrations on the backend with windows than chrome, but switching’s more a choice than a benefit. Need it to get into bingus beta. No night mode is **rough**. if you have dark reader, beware the Microsoft maps flashbang.

Edge has come a long way in the last few years to the point where it is now my daily driver, while not perfect it has a wide range of features, great synchronisation to PC, and is fast and reliable

Tiktok web doesn’t work on edge. Image search doesn’t open local images. Home news suggestions are terrible despite choosing my interests. Drop doesn’t work if I have dev version of edge on laptop. Can’t change placement of icons in navigation menu.

Good, but really lacking regions. Not only edge does not have my region (Lithuania / Baltic), but also changes Bing’s (which has option as Lithuania) region to whatever is set in Edge. At least allow bing to be independent, because it’s now the worst of both worlds. Half of my first suggestions are irrelevant because of region. I don’t even need language, just region.

Please fix AdBlock. I didn’t turn on AdBlock and just entered browse on the website the ad block is detected to be on, please fix it, even though I didn’t turn on the ad block.

This would be the best browser if you could add the bing chat button to the browser menu like bing app. It pops up after clicking chat just like the bing app but there’s no button

Still some issues with drop down auto fill menus getting in the way of the keyboard, but otherwise golden!

That’s such an awesome browser. I’d be very happy, if you add extensions support! As in Kiwi browser

Watch out Google. Never thought I would see it happen. Edge is now the best browser/ search option of them all. Awesome experience.

Good browser but one problems are facing after update.the problem is Mobile to desktop not stable page while search new page and redirect to mobile site. Please solve this issue.

It’s a very good browser! It’s having problems loading web pages.

it’s got all the features that you normally need extensions for built right in! no issues with Dev browser yet

Finally, the performance jump I was waiting for is here. This version of edge is now in sync with the desktop version and the results are all positive. The reason I didn’t use edge on my phone is because how slow it was compared to Chrome – not any more. Still needs more improvements to ui and features to bring it more in line with the desktop verison. Otherwise it’s already looking good.

Nice looking browser with many useful features, especially for Windows 10 users, but unlike the desktop version, it is much slower than Chrome and I have experienced many crashes. There should be a lite mode, like in Chrome, to make web pages load faster. I prefer Edge on Windows, but on Android, Chrome is better. Edit: the performance issues seem to have been solved! Updating to 5 stars.

The app is overall pretty good, but there’s a few cons. In the menu, the buttons are too dark and it looks like they’re disabled all the time, while disabled button are almost all black. Also, I should be able to remove some buttons from the menu, because I won’t ever need some of them. There should also be a button in the menu that allows me to add sites to Sites on a New Tab, because the existing button adds a site, but not the icon and it looks bad. The browser itself is awesome.

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