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[Game] Miga Town My Vacation

Miga Town My Vacation  Welcome to the new world of adventure – drive your own car, start a new journey and search the island for great treasures. Be a real adventurer!

More interesting scenes and self-defined game-play help to create a more wonderful story!

Preparations for the journey begin at home. You can go to the beach to find out secrets of the island, or go to scenic spots to buy your favorite souvenirs, DIY your favorite masks, take your chance to win special souvenirs, and even take some photos at the spots.

Stay at the resort hotel for a few days, and each room will offer you a unique surprise.


Six scenes: Home, Holiday Resort (Hotel Lobby, Deluxe Suite, 2 Themed Rooms), Beach & Island, Sightseeing Area
Home: Your journey starts here, where you can find most tools that will be useful in your exploration. Remember to take them.
Holiday Resort Hall: You will stay in a unique holiday resort and enjoy 5-star cuisines.
Deluxe Suite: You can live in a deluxe suite with a super-large bathroom, fantastic sea view. You will get a mysterious key and fabulous costumes here.
Themed Room: Choose your favorite between the flower fairy-themed room and car-themed room, and find the costumes exclusive to the room that you choose.
Beach & Island: You can play games on the beach, explore the island, hunt great treasures and then take them to the sightseeing area for auction.
Sightseeing Area: You can buy souvenirs at the gift shop and make your favorite masks. Many interesting scenic spots are waiting for you.

Give full play to children’s creativity
Tens of billions of customized modes
No third-party advertising
No time limit or score ranking list

contact us:support[at]xihegame.com

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Miga Town My Vacation user reviews :

The game is alright, my only issue is that you have to pay for most of the locations. I also wouldn’t say this is a vacation game since you can’t really explore many places. Theres also an awful lot of ads. I don’t understand why you would only give us one house. The game itself is “good.”

The game was not amazing, because there are alot of issues with this game. Some characters were not free, the resort and all the other places were not free. The resort that was not free was the whole point of the game! So please if you ever see this Miga, I hope somethings from your games are free. I don’t care if not everything is free just please not make us pay for everything in your games. But some of your games were still nice

This game is the best and you get to have your own room I love this game so much I have no issue with it is the best game ever to be created on earth bless all or you have a nice week don’t forget do not judge a book by its cover or the skin colour or others love evrey game even if it is boring never abuse any game or you will end up unlucky and you will cry So have a nice day evreyone don’t abuse the games

The only 3 things I hate is that like there’s only one of the houses and this game has a lot of ads not to college but most of the buildings cost money and the rest of the miga games are right but this one isant if you could change THESE things it would be a 5 star

This game is fun but I will only give it a one star rating because I can only unlock one place and if you want a whole set you have to pay I’m so disappointed in this game and when I try downloading other games like miga town they all are the same and I want to put a character in the character box it will not come out again because it’s locked so please make a game free at least please I maybe I might give it a 5-star rating

i love this game but please can you add more free things to all of your games. maybe you could add a FREE airport to this game, or maybe just change most things from NOT FREE to FREE

I would give this a 5 star, but most places and characters cost money.Even the resort costs money and that was the whole point of the game.Miga,Please make more places and people free in the future, thanks!

I love this game soooooooo much because it kinda feels like to me your actually going on vacation and you can play around make them go to bed and you can even go out. I was surprised when I saw that the price to buy the things were very low I thought it would be really expensive that’s why I love this game

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