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[Game] Milkcraft – Block RPG World

Milkcraft   Milkcraft is a free-to-play online open-world RPG that includes building and crafting gameplay, and features a wealth of RPG content.

RPG Mode
Milkcraft is an online RPG block world based on Norse mythology story.
We have six open worlds for players to explore freely, with four classes: Warrior, Hunter, Mage, and Summoner. Each class can be freely switched, and players can freely craft weapons and equipment.
Each open world has different biomes and landscapes, elite monsters and dungeons, and each dungeon has powerful bosses that players can craft more powerful weapons and equipment to defeat.
Milkcraft also has rich RPG life skills: fishing, farming, cooking, smelting, etc., which can be used to craft all the props in the game.

Creation Mode
You can freely build your own realm or build a large village with your friends online. You can also use the life skills to craft various interesting blocks in the village and use them to design some interesting buildings and mini-games.

Key features.
1. Free online block RPG world with multiple open worlds to explore
2. Rich RPG content with a variety of well-designed classes and weapons
3. Free building and crafting system, allowing you to freely craft weapons and equipment for multiple classes, as well as a variety of interesting blocks
4. Well-designed block art style, making the game a beautiful RPG block world

Come and explore this online RPG block world with your friends!


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Milkcraft user reviews :

Generally speaking, this game is very interesting, you can go to the different world for adventure, and there are rich class choices, especially I like sickle weapon, but also can use the call to fight. Completing the achievement requires killing different monsters, which is a bit difficult to find and requires patience to find the monsters required for the mission. After entering the map, I found that many places on the map were excavated by players. I hope developers can keep an eye on it.

I am a veteran sandbox player, and I love sandbox games very much. So far, my first experience of this game is really wonderful. The role I play in the game can carry out a variety of interesting and free behaviors, which can satisfy me, such as fighting, building, I made some good friends in the game, and they are all big fans of sandbox games. Every day, we studied how to challenge monsters in the dungeon and how to get special blocks for building. I recommend it!

I am a loyal player of sandbox games. I have played Minecraft, Terraria, Blockman Go and Miniworld. I think the biggest feature of this Milkcraft compared with the above games is multiplayer online, which is a sandbox MMORPG. But the game still has a lot of bugs, and I hope the developers keep updating it. In addition, there is only one North American server for the game so FAR, so I think the lag in the rest of the world will be quite serious. Overall, I personally recommend it.

The app was wonderful. The game bring us to a fantasy world where there are a variety of unique creature with many interesting experience. This game is suitable for someone who wants to find a sandbox survival game.

A great sandbox MMORPG game, this game can let me and my friends in the box world play together very happy, finally not a person in the game, if you can, I hope to know more people like to play sandbox game in this game.

4 stars, the game is good, but the novice guidance is not good, a little confused, I can wear the equipment, which means I can freely switch classes and do not have to retrain; I was free to build whatever I wanted, and I liked that, like the Minecraft style, although I wasn’t very good at it. Now I’ve found a few friends to fight bosses in a completely different world and build my own village together, which is great.

Please fix my issue when l try to type my name it justs kicks me out of the game and this game looks so good then l will rate it 5 stars thx

This game is so best and so adventure

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