Welcome to Folklore Manor – Will you make these girls fall in love with you

[Game] Welcome to Folklore Manor

Welcome to Folklore Manor  Living away from your parents involves a lot of responsibility, but things become twice as interesting when you go house-hunting and meet some interesting new friends. They’re not just pretty girls—they’re yokai, spirits of the supernatural from ancient folklore!

Can you play the role of hero and save the yokai from an evil corporation run by greedy humans? And above all, will you make these girls fall in love with you at the end? Control your destiny in this thrilling yet romantic adventure!


Sora, the Tsundere Yokai

You know her from school as Sora the Slaughterer, but only because the entire student body is scared of her. Soon, you find out that she is a yokai who owns a large mansion in the city. With her quick-witted tongue, a vulpine attitude, and a strong determination to protect her ancestral domain, will she manage to capture your affection?

Yuki, the Shy Snow Fairy

Yuki isn’t as cold as her powers make her seem to be. She is friendly enough for a smile or two, but oftentimes shy to divulge her true feelings. Digging deeper, you soon realize why she likes to keep things to herself. Will you assist the snow fairy on her journey to self-discovery, or will you treat her in a frigid manner?

Sakura, the Enigmatic Oni

This beautiful demon doesn’t like you. There’s no doubt about that. Her talent in sarcasm can rip you to shreds, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting to know her a bit better! How will you make Sakura smile again? And more importantly, what dark secret lies beneath her cold demeanor? It’s up to you to find out.

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Welcome to Folklore Manor user reviews :

While it’s better than the previous game, it still isn’t quite up there with some of your better games. I’m still waiting for Genius Inc to perhaps changes their format and have maybe a story arc for each girl (allowing more time for us to feel connected to the characters and perhaps it’d make for a better story) especially if you won’t make the game have more chapters in general.

The art is good but the premium is awful and far too expensive. Spend your money somewhere else since it cost gems to pick a good answer (if not you only get bad answers) and you need tickets to advance the story! I wouldn’t mind paying for a set price but paying $2 to only be able to answer 2 premium answers (This is a VN so a lot of choices you have to make fyi) is just being money hungry. I’m sure the game has a good story but I ain’t paying to find out with those crazy prices.

great game, like the others. again as people are constantly complaining, the premium choices are annoying. but its worth it. but when u turn down the volume, it should turn it down for the minigame music (which can get annoying after a while) too. btw could u cook up something like f&f or tokyo drift. u know q foreigner (u) comes to tokyo after an incident, and gets in on the racing scene. that be nice. and for the girls maybe they could represent the regional catigorie of the cars (NA, AS, EU)

Just amazing. Wow. Okay firstly the story was great and I absolutely loved it. The girls were all cute and I never thought that they all would absolutely be loved by me. (I had a really hard time choosing one xd) A definite 10/10. Don’t mind the tickets and gems since you need to make money too. The review might be short but I think it sums up everything quite well.

Honestly I’m disappointed in all of your games simply because of the diamonds and premium choices. The stories on the other hand were amazing and well thought out but would have made more of an impact if I could actually play through the whole thing without having to pay for a choice.

This company writes the best romantic stories and makes good choise functions. Overall, this game has an outstanding romantic experience with some drama keeping it exciting beyond the romance. The unlockable choises you’ll want to use take too much time to unlock or are too expensive in real money. So this is five stars for you if you have the patience to grind for the crystals or the real money to buy them.

Game is good, but having to buy your way through it is very unappealing. Instead of buying gems for choices, there should different clothes you can buy them, which change how they answer question and deal with situations. Overall great game for a small weeb.

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