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[App] Millimeter – screen ruler

Millimeter - screen rulerMillimeter – screen ruler : Accurate ruler or tape measure on your Android screen.

Millimeter – screen ruler is a simple and helpful measurement tool that allows you to use your Android device screen for quick measurements as a ruler or tape measure.
Place an object on the screen and simply touch and move rulers to measure it. Check features for more details.

You can use any Android device, phone or tablet, as a ruler for measurement in different units, MILLIMETERS or INCHES.


– easy calibration of any Android device (Free and Pro)
– mm and inch units (Free and Pro)
– 2D measurements: vertical and horizontal rulers (Pro)
– area calculation (Pro)
– split linear and circular objects into equal parts (Pro)
– shows length and angle of each part (Pro)
– disable/enable touch screen (Pro)

*Pro: check out our Pro version for extra features.

Use this screen ruler in different areas to measure small objects that fit into your phone or tablet screen : jewelry, rings, stones, screws, bolts, buttons diameter, nuts, knitting needles, knitting pattern, washers, insects, mosaic tile, hooks, thread, etc.

measurement range limited by size of your screen, but with fine calibration the app gives you accuracy comparable to standard ruler or measure tape. For wider measurement range, check out our other measurement tools like Partometer, Partometer3D, Diskometer, Telemeter, Planimeter, etc.

Enjoy the app and Thank you for your interest and support!
VisTech.Projects Team

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Very responsive developer

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