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[App] Millimeter – screen ruler

MillimeterMillimeter is a simple free screen ruler app.

You can measure small objects that fit the device screen with this ruler. There are NO ADs in the app for the best experience and real full-screen measurements.

ANY DEVICE can be calibrated for accurate measurements in Calibration Mode, where common standard objects (coins, credit cards, etc) can be used as a reference.

You can also customize your app by purchasing extra features or modes.

What you can do in the free version of the on-screen ruler:

Calibrate Millimeter with custom or standard objects
Ruler Mode for the measure in metric and imperial units: mm and inch
Additional vertical ruler for 2D measurements
Area measurement for 2D measurements
Calculate W/H ratio of the rectangular objects in 2D
Lock / Unlock rulers in any mode for better usability
Fine grid (1mm for millimeter units)
Use fractions for inch units
Read interactive Help / Guide about all available features in a mode
Use the app as a standard ruler
Use full-screen mode for better user experience in Ruler mode

You can customize your free version and purchase extra modules and features that add the following functionality:

Spirit / bubble level for checking incline or tilt angle
Parts Mode to split length or objects in equal parts
Thread per inch ( TPI ) measurement pattern  in Parts mode (
Circle Mode to measure circular objects
Split circle into equal sector / angle
Protractor / Goniometer Mode – measure angles
Set exact size, length, diameter, number of parts manually with keyboard input
Change background to BW night mode for power saving and better visualization

Use this screen ruler in different areas to measure small objects that fit your phone or tablet screen: jewelry, jewels, rings , stones, screws, bolts, buttons diameter, nuts, knitting needles, knitting pattern, washers, insects, mosaic tile, hooks, thread, frame wrap angle, etc.

Units: millimeter (mm), inch (in). Fractions are supported for inch units.

Supported languages:
English, German, Russian, Japanese, and French languages.

More about the app:

If you have any problems with the app on your device, please contact support[at] first and we will help you. Thank you.

VisTech.Projects Team.

Millimeter user reviews :

Works as good as I need it to! Checked with a caliper, the initial generic calibration was actually within about 0.2% of being correct (was set initially upon app startup at 4.07″). A clear ruler that can fit flat on your screen would work well for your calibration. Remember, calibrate at the largest size measurement device you can accurately align with on the screen. While app can calibrate with a coin, calibration will have less error at I.E., 5.00″ vs 0.75″.

  • Thank you so much for your feedback and valuable tips for other users! You are correct, use the full size of the screen for calibration to get the best accuracy.

I used an 8mm earring for measurement and it’s really accurate. Even with default calibration it shows what it has to show. With the size of a credit card for calibration it comes as a handy tool too if the default falls short, so it’s a well done indeed. So now I can at least have an idea when I online shop how big an object is.

  • Jessica, thank you so much for taking the time and share your experience with our app! Glad you found it handy and helpful for your online purchases. You are absolutely right, default calibration works on some devices but any known size object can be used for calibration, so the app should work accurately on any device after calibration.

UPDATED REVIEW: When I 1st installed this app, I tried calibrating w/a CC. I couldn’t get it 2 work, since I was unable 2 use my keyboard. Maybe it was operator error, OR maybe there ought 2 B better instructions 4 calibrating this way. After getting my screen size 4 my Galaxy S9, (FYI it’s 146.5mm, 14.65cm or 5.8 in, 4 those who need it) I chose the 3rd option 4 calibrating w/my screen size. WOO-HOO! It worked! So apparently it was operator error. I revoke my 1 star & give u 5 star’s! Thanks!

  • Maria, Thank you very much for taking time to update your review with details and for supporting the app! VisTech.Projects Team.

What a super little app for positioning tables, diagrams, pictures, etc in documents, pdfs. Best using it as a pop-up app overlaying say an Adobe document, as it can be faded (made see through), and it is easy to go back and forth. Just brilliant. And feedback!

  • Thank you very much for your feedback! Contact us at if you have feature ideas for the purpose you are using the app, we will be glad to hear from you and maybe implementing if it fits the app. Thank you for your support!

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