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Mind NotesWanna take quick memos and simple notes with a notepad free and note-taking apps?
Wanna keep notes and checklists well organized with a good notes writer?
Wanna manage memos and sticky notes with categories and sticky notes widgets?
Then, this free notes app, notebooks and note-taking apps are exactly what you need for taking notes and noteit.

Mind Notes – Memo pad, Notebooks,Free Note Pad, and Simple note-taking apps is an efficient and simple note taking apps. With this notepad free and stick notes app, you can create categories or take color notes widget to manage your note book. Besides, attaching audios, photos, and drawings to your quick memos is also available. Mind notes is a digital notebook free and good notes app to organize work, life, and study.

How does the Mind Notes make you more efficient?
Noted categories help classify all your quick notes
Checklists manage all your notebook task
Make sticky notes widget and simplenote with reminders
Locked notes writer and keep private notes safe
Sort quick notes by time, search and take notes quickly
Sync your notpad between all android devices
Sticky notes widget on the home screen for basic notetaking
Attaching files and writing notes with the super note taking apps

Notepad free and Quick memo for note-taking
Mind Notes is a notebook and good note-taking apps for organizing daily notes. You can make a shopping list, take school notes, or schedule your work with this notas and simple notepad free.

Easy to Note It and Annotate With Note book
Mind Notes helps you annotate notas with bold, font size, font color, etc. Writing notes on the drawboard or the wordpad is also available. Easy to take notes with this writing pad, especially for study notes.

Folder notes and Quick Memos
Mind Notes offers an awesome noted function to categorize notes into multilayered folders. Managing your quick notes and writing pad more efficiently and easily.

Make Private Notes with Password
Mind Notes is a color note taking apps with a password, Don’t worry about your private notes being seen by others. You can also choose to lock notes only or the entire n otes category.

Sync and Backup Simple Notes
This awesome folder note taker and note book sync notas between tablets and phones. Never worry about losing the data on the note-taking apps.

Writing Notes with Calendar Note book
Using this note pad free to view your notes and noteit in calendar mode. It helps make agenda notes and quick memos. So never be afraid to miss noted things with the note taking apps.

Export to PDF and Picture
This note-taking apps support noted memos exported to pdf & pictures, easy to share quick notes with friends and families. Importing simple notes and sharing keynotes into the notebooks also works.

Customize Memo Pad with A Notepad Theme
Mind Notes – Free Note pad, Note Taker, Notebooks, Notas, Simple Note Taking Apps is a simple note-taking apps that supports notepad theme changing. Each theme of the note book can bring you an immersive simple note-taking experience for writing cute notes and stickies.

Sticky Notes Widget
The sticky note widget helps write quick notes and access your stickey notes on the home screen. Various themes are available to offer you not only a simple note widget style but a better note-taking mood. Note widget is a good noted feature to improve work and life efficiency.

Color Notetaking
This simple notes writer and free notes app support colorful notes taking. Besides, the nots backgrounds and note widget themes are also provided to make a simple note. Say goodbye to boredom when using the notebooks and simple notes free app.

Any issues, mail us via mindnotes[at]guloolootech.com
Hope this notepad free, sticky note widget, and basic notetaking app can help make your work and life easy.

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Mind Notes user reviews :

The seemed nice. Unfortunately it has some bugs that prevent me from being able to efficiency use it. In particular dotted and checkbox lists do a lot of weird stuff. I also find funny that when they ask you to rate the app in app, if you tap on 4-5 stars the app redirects you here, lower than that and it redirects you to the email of customer support.

  • We appreciate your feedback and apologize for the inconvenience caused by the bugs, especially with the dotted and checkbox lists. We are working on it, aiming for smoother functionality. Regarding the rating feature, it’s designed to ensure we can directly address concerns, but we understand your perspective and will reevaluate its implementation.

Hey, the App is Great from the start but it gets a little bit hard when it comes to editing previous notes, for example i have written 20 paragraphs and after that the end of the text is still functional but if i edit the first part it gets slower and take half a minute just to respond on what i type, hope you fix this cause i can’t find any notes like this, this goes same to Easy Notes app you have, gd day y’all

  • Thank you for using MindNotes. We are grateful for your feedback on performance issues. We will optimize the speed based on your description. For further assistance, please contact mindnotes[at]guloolootech.com.

Thank you so much for making this app. It’s my favourite app. I love that it’s called mind notes and it’s also beautiful. EDIT: can you put the option to move main books into another main book and also move sub category books into the main area so that they become main books? I would be able to better organize my mindnotes like this. Pleeeease consider it. <3 EDIT: can you guys put back the strike-through option for text? It was there b4 but I think u guys removed it

  • Hi, thanks for your valuable feedback. Firstly we apologize for any inconvenience caused by MindNotes. Now the problems have been transferred to technical department for further improvements. We are making efforts to improve MindNotes as the best note-taking app. Hoping you can keep following us. Have a good day!

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