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MindsMinds is an open source social network dedicated to Internet freedom.

Speak freely, protect your privacy, earn crypto rewards and take back control of your social media.

We’re on a mission to elevate global discourse through Internet freedom.

Internet freedom means:

Free speech
Open source
Community governance
Crypto economy

Our code and algorithms are free and open source for maximum transparency and accountability. Our content policy is based on the First Amendment and governed by a community jury in order to minimize bias and censorship.

We believe you can only change someone’s mind if you provide them with a platform to speak it.

Earn crypto and rev-share

The value in a social network lies in its community. You deserve to be rewarded for your contribution to the success and growth of the network.

Minds rewards you with MINDS Tokens (ERC-20) every day for creating popular content, referring friends or providing liquidity. The tokens can then be used to promote your content (1 token = 1,000 impressions) or send tips to content creators to show your support and unlock special perks.

Upgrade to Minds+ to access premium content and submit your own content for a share of our revenue.

We recommend Android 12, 11, or 10 for the best experience.

For support, questions, or more information, please visit:

Open source code:

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Minds user reviews :

For being around as long as it has, the app still needs some work. I’ll keep reporting the bugs I find because I’m desperate for something that isn’t Facebook. Current bug: Attempted to manage my tags and the app crashes due to fatal error and I have to force stop the app and reopen. I can reproduce the error whenever I want and I got a screenshot of it. That being said, I really want to spend $20 a year for a social platform, but you have to earn it. That’s how mobile apps work.

  • Hi, thank you very much for your feedback, is this still happening for you? If yes, please create a ticket at support.minds.com with the screenshot, and we will look into it. -Bashy

For those having password problems with the app, I suggest a work-around by going to a regular PC to set up you password first. That worked for me and I am able to log in fine. DON’T LET a little technical glitch stop you from leaving Fascistbook! I’m leaving this as 4 stars because the password problem DOES need to be fixed, and I encountered an error loading pics, but just once. VERY COOL FEATURE: It lets me use my phone’s gallery app to choose images rather than how FB does it with a buggy in-app selector. Now I can organize them how I want! What a relief!

It has potential, but current state is rather weak. Needs more features/functionality. I can’t add content tags because of fatal error message. Need to be able to personalize your channel a bit (summary blurb at least). Filtering for content is like pulling teeth. Clean it up and work on it some and it could be a great app.

  • Thank you very much for your feedback! We are constantly working on improving our app, if you have any issues or suggestions you want to share with us, please reach out at support.minds.com -Bashy

Minds is a wonderful social media platform that has massive potential. That being said the Android version of the app is still a bit clunky and has some issues. For example I was unable to edit my avatar, banner, or change notification settings from the app. It also appears that I cannot create an “on chain” wallet or password for the block chain tokens. I’m a patient person and will stick around for the fixes. Hope to upgrade this app to 5 stars soon!

Loving Minds so far. The app needs some work. Getting an error message when clicking some notifications. Unable to exit the app by hitting the back button. Some features not available within the app, such as creating groups. I’m sure the devs qill continue to tweak these small issues. Overall, am happy with this social network over Facebook. In the process of deleting my Facebook account.

the site is good but the app needs work. I have tried logging in and have been given the error code that the credentials are incorrect. I am able to log into the website no problem with the same credentials. I have reset the password multiple times to attempt to fix this and it still doesn’t allow me to log in thru the app but it will on the website

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