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Writing Prompts Stuck in writing?

Can’t come up with ideas to write? Writing Prompts will help you bring out the best in your writing!

With helpful and imaginative writing prompts, this app will open new doors for your writing.

Each writing prompt is specially written and selected to help you write about any and every genre.

Ideas :
As a writer, sometimes we need some ideas to get started. Ideas don’t come fully formed, but a single line or a broad idea, can help a lot. It’s what we intend to bring you with this app.

Creation :
Every creation needs a good inspiration. And inspiration can lead you to your masterpiece. Read prompts and get inspired! You never know which one will turn into your own masterpiece.

Unleash your creativity :
You have the words in you, they will come out when the right idea strikes. Writing Prompts is filled with various prompts and ideas. There’s one in there, which might be the idea your words were looking for.

Share your prompts
If you have a prompt which you think will help others, feel free to share it. Let’s grow together as a community!

Write your own stories
Let the world see your stories. Write and share your own stories for the prompts. Get feedback from writers from all over the world.

Ideas and stories are waiting for you.

No more excuses.

Install the app now! And let the words flow~!

Suggestions for new features are always welcome. Write to us at : writingpromptsapp[at]gmail.com

Keep creating, keep writing! :)

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Writing Prompts user reviews :

5/5 for the concept, 3/5 for functionality. I absolutely love the idea of the app. I just wish it worked better. It frequently crashes when I try following other users and is completely unresponsive when I try using the “Request a feature” and “Contact Us (Feedback)” features of the app, which is a real shame because I would like to give the creators my support and suggestions. It also takes a long time for my prompt feed to update, sometimes up to a month.

I hoped for some simple prompts to exercise my creativity with, but most of the prompts on this app are fanfiction-tier, over the top nonsense that could only possibly fit into a very specific kind of writing. It also doesn’t help that the character limit for submitting a prompt is so short. You’re not leaving things open to a lot of ideas by forcing those ideas into such a small box.

Good stories and prompts. The community seems pretty small and not very active, because most of the prompts I see don’t have any stories written for them. One major problem I have with the app is that if too many genres are added initially, I can’t press the submit button because the genres list pushes it down and there’s no scrolling on the screen. Aside from that, it would be nice if there were more genres, and maybe a “prompt filler’s choice” genre option or something.

  • Hello, thank you for your suggestions and feedback. We are still a growing community. Writers, such as yourself, give life to this small yet talented tribe! We will definitely fix the submit prompt issue and try to put more genre options in it. We are always open to feedback, do write to us at : writingpromptsapp[at]gmail.com. We’d be waiting!

Pretty good, a few minor things: the bookmarked prompts don’t show up immediately in the bookmarks tab, you have to restart the app for them to show up. When changing what to search by, it sometimes leaves you on the same screen, you just have to tap out to close it. Otherwise, really good so far! Will definitely be useful for writing!

  • Thank you for you review. We will definitely try to fix these issues in the future updates. Thank you again for your review. Do share the app to help other writers!

Don’t get me wrong, I love app! I really enjoy how if you like someone’s prompt you can favorite it and like it and follow them. It even has many different genres you can look up for specific prompts. Edit (I have re-gotten the app and loving it even more! There are more prompts and feeds and my prompts showed up. The ones I submitted were a while back, so I need to make new. But if your looking for a fun way to share your creativity and skills than this is the app for you, it just takes time! )

  • Hi, Felicity, thank you for your review. About the prompts moderation; I actually work a job now and it gets hard for me to look over all the prompts being submitted. So, sometimes it takes more than 24 hours. Hope you understand. You will definitely receive a mail once your prompts have been reviewed. Thank you for your kind words!

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