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Mine and SlashEmbark on an epic RPG quest, as you dig and explore your way through a rougelite 3D world filled with magic and adventure. Take on mini-quests, fight off feverish enemies, and survive the rush of adrenaline as you smash through obstacles and obstacles.

Explore multiple mines
Upgrade your equipment to get more deadly and effective
Fight and defeat imposing bosses
Use a friendly, easy to use control scheme
Discover new content and surprises in many upcoming updates

As a miner, you have the unique opportunity to collect gold and valuable resources as you dig deeper and deeper into the dungeon. But be warned, the deeper you go, the harder the challenges become, and the more powerful the enemies you will face.

Thankfully, you are not alone on this adventure. You have the help of your trusty hero, equipped with the latest technology and magic spells to aid you in your journey. Together, you will face the unknown, discover hidden treasures, and emerge victorious.

Visit a museum to marvel at the epic artifacts you’ve collected during your magical adventure. Customize your hero with powerful loot & equipment that will aid you in future quests. Unlock powerful skills to become even stronger!

So what are you waiting for? Join the adventure and start your quest today!

Mine and Slash user reviews :

I really love this game I just hate all the ads most of them are optional but necessary to level up and get better armor etc.. but overall the graphics are good, the game is fun and addictive, and it’s easy to play and understand for most all ages. Just really wish everything didn’t cost an ad to get. If u want to get everything then it’s half game and half ads.

Way too many ads. But the worst part is that they have a lot of ads that don’t work forcing you out of the game and ads randomly popping up as you play. The game itself is smooth and fun. Update: My response to the response from the developers. Free to play should not mean you have an ad every 1 to 2 minutes. I shouldn’t have to click the “x” button 3 and 4 different times if I don’t want the game being advertised. You also have 2 ads in 1. It used to 30 seconds wait, now it’s up to 60 seconds.

  • Your feedback means a lot to us. It’s crucial to acknowledge that in a free-to-play game, advertisements are a primary means of supporting development and ongoing maintenance. We hope you can still enjoy our game’s free-to-play experience!

Good game, however…. I’ve gone right off this game because you stupidly don’t provide ANY sync options to save progress. I was doing well, spent money on the game too. Then it started glitching, rooms there but there are no rocks available. There were clutches of barrels to blow up, but no rocks. Therefore nothing to sell, can’t build bridge or go any further. Tried force stopping the app, no good. Tried turning off device and restarting, nothing. Tried reinstalling, but lost all progress!!!

  • If you’re having technical issues or other problems with our game please do not hesitate to contact us at support[at]boombit.com. We’re here to help and will do everything in our power to assist you and fix reported issues!

Well I thought that this game had a potential to be great but then…. The ads don’t work so you have to force close the game. Game glitches constantly, especially when you get to the second part of fire levels causing loss of progress or health. Then to add salt to the wound once you complete fire levels there’s no more! So you put out a game that players will finish in less than a week but it looks like the game itself is actually not finished?! Yeah, not worth even one star

I enjoyed the game very much. You did good not putting in a bunch of in-game ads. I don’t mind using ads for upgrade if you’re out of money. I don’t like watching ads for Rewards but it’s okay if you’re doubling it. My biggest problem was I was just getting into it and now there’s nothing to do. I hope you will add more levels. Maybe something outside to find things you will need in the dungeon. Just a thought .A deeper dungeon would be good. I also appreciate wasn’t to difficult. Thank you.

The game itself is quite interesting with gem mining, items upgrading and good graphics. I had no issues with the game crashing like others are saying, I use a Samsung s23 ultra. There are quite a few adverts that you have to watch but in the end the game is free to play and I guess the adverts support the developers. Over all good game.

  • Thank you for trying out our game! We understand your frustration, but at the same time we wanted the game to be free and accessible to everyone, hence the ads. They make our work possible, but of course we will take your complaint into consideration!

So far so good if you don’t mind ads every step of the way.. and I’m glad you have a option to turn off his mouth… But it seems I can’t re-enter the 3rd stage when almost to the end of it …. Nice little merging option too for your inventory.. getting some nice stuff..

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