Mine Survival – Protect yourself from zombies

[Game] Mine Survival

Mine Survival  Through collections and hunting, you can create tools and buildings.

Through it Protect yourself from zombies and survive for a long time.
Adapted to five mode environment, Create a space protecting yourself from zombies!

Find a place where there is plenty of water and build a settlement!
Build various items and buildings through collection and hunting!
At night, zombies appear!
You can stop zombies by installing walls, snares, Towers, and Cannon!
Body temperature, hunger, water, and poo management are very important! Don’t starve!
Put him on the altar, call him, fight him! You can obtain the key for the next mode!
Build an altar, call him, and fight!

2.0.0 Update
Add Cave
Add new Ores, Monsters,Natural Objects, Drill
Add Fever Zone, Unicorn
Add 30 Pet(Functional)
Add Upgrade Steps : Wall, Doors, Attack Tower, Cannon, Trap, Power Tower

2.0.4 UPDATE
Add Custom game

Android Minimum API : 4.4 ‘KitKat’


First game of the Indie Game developer Wildsoda!
There is a lot of shortcomings, but I will update continuously!
Please e-mail me the bug and the request, i will review it and apply it to the update.
Lots of attention, love, and play, please.
Thank you.

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Mine Survival user reviews :

My complaint is on the amount of grinding one needs to obtain a random item from either of the slot machines for hats and pets. The gameplay is kinda a good as a survival game, although, not the best, really. It does take awhile to start getting into the basics. It is great that the game has a Save and Load for progress – a thumbs up!

My experience was very fun and exciting. When I first started playing I had a hard time living through the first 5 nights but I started getting better and started lasting longer. The only thing I think should be fixed are, the world should be updating resources on a timer rather than when you leave and rejoin the game. Another thing would be cool is if you could adjust the world size when you make the world…

I give it 5 stars because it’s an awesome and fun game. The mechanics and graphics are great. Honestly, my only complain is the difficultly, it’s insane. Even the ‘easy’ is like a hardmode. For casual and kid players it’s basically unplayable. I don’t mind the difficulty (i can survive 20+ days) but I think it would be better if there was a ‘extremely easy’ mode for people just wanting to play for fun, no? Other than that, I don’t really have any other thoughts. 10/10 gameplay

A lot of people are complaining it’s too hard, but I like a challenge. The real problem with this game is it’s under developed. This should be a beta. It’s glitchy, the graphics and camera angles aren’t great, the data doesn’t save, the Google achievements don’t trigger and there’s no reward for dying, except for “experience” that levels you up to unlock characters that you must pay for. It has the potential to be a poor man’s Don’t Starve, but lacks development.

It was amazing, difficult to learn at first but after 2 trys I got a general idea about the game. I only have one problem about the game, when I tried go hit an enemy in my camp it auto locked to the workbench and I started to break it, I almost died because of this. But other than that, I loved it and highly recommend it!

The game is good for a fast casual game, hopefully there will be more to be updated, I only with there would be a way to customize the UI since some of the controls feels small and a more better angles for the 3D and give precise picking when facing an object sometimes when things are next to each other I cant select the one I need to select like when the traps and wall are next to each other I cant select the traps. But other than that the game is good you really need to think what you need to do and need to do it fast on the first days since it’ll be harder when the day are faster and there are more hoards.

I actually love this game, its adorable yet challenging and the first time I played it I think I might have actually played for over an hour straight Some critiques: I wish you could edit your character (simple things like gender, color of hair/skin/clothes), I’d like to see more decorative furniture (chairs, tables, flooring, rugs, etc), there a few bugs but the random black boxes that pop up are the only ones that really annoy me. Overall tho, I HIGHLY recommend this app, keep it up devs

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