Crafting Dead – Build your own safe house or castle

[Game] Crafting Dead – Pocket Edition

Crafting Dead  Play a great adventure in the limitless world of blocks!

Download Crafting Dead for your mobile devices for free and enjoy easy control, more zombies, crafting and building.


Classic first person RPG
Fights against bloodthirsty zombies
Craft and build during day, survive at night
Build your own safe house or castle ;-)
Craft powerful weapons and armor
Hunt animals (Cow, Duck, Chicken, …)
Huge waves of zombies are coming every seven day (inspired by 7 days to day thx.)
Survival craft long as possible
Do variable quests for reward (killing zombies, crafting, gathering, making building…)


All the opportunities and materials are available
Craft and build without limits
Try out everything in safe map without enemies
Mine unlimited resources, craft and build everything you want
Explore cube map without limits
Helps players focus on building
Good training for Survival mode


Creative and Survival game mode
Every 7 days you will attack a BIG horde enemies
Crafting game with huge 3D world
Waves of zombies
Craft and make various weapons
Wide variety of item for crafting
Making incredible buildings
Changing day/night
Challenging Quests
Improve yourself

Get ready? online multiplayer comes :). Twenty players and only one can survive. Will you do it?

New versions of this unturned crafting game are coming in a short time, so you can look forward to new features and improvements!

More information about game Crafting Dead: Pocket Edition:

This is not an official Mojang app. Alda Games is not associated or connected with Mojang AB and its game Minecraft – Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game or its licensers.

Crafting Dead user reviews :

4 Stars. It’s a great game! ^-^ The only issue I have is for some reason, Zombie Dogs, Bears (?) and those Four-Armed thing manages to go through the walls and into my custom made home. Having spikes everywhere works, but about 80% of the time. Overall, it’s a fun game. Edit: 3 Stars. The controls became inverted for some reason and no way to change them on the settings menu. ReEdit: Uninstalled the game to see if the inverted issue would be fixed. It did, but my save file was no longer there.

GREAT GAME JUST NEEDS SOME WORK! Fantastic mobile alternative to 7 days to die but it has it’s drawbacks. 1. It needs hills, caverns, valleys, bodies of water, mountains, rather than just steadily rising blocks. It needs the ability to swim in said bodies of water. Other modes are also necessary, most imoortantly, hardcore survival mode where you start with nothing and get only one life and when you die; you spectate the world. This mode needs to work on multiplayer when it comes out.

It is a buggier and suckier version of Minecraft. Or any crafting game for that matter. Sure, the ads are annoying and intrusive, but the game play itself is horrible as well. I mean, dogs just attacked me when I spawned! What the world is that?? Do not install. Do not play. If you want a good survival game, pay for Minecraft or Don’t Starve.

Too many ads,everything i do there is ads. If i open my inventory ads, if i craft ads, everything important have ads. My only problem is the ads. Pls fix it, the game is almost unplayable. The only way to fix itis by turning off ny wifi and mobile data.

I wish that there were no items when we start off, the leaves would give us sticks (cuz where theres leaves theres branches), I don’t know about the structures with torches everywhere yet tho, everything else is fine. P.S.: add a “split controls” option.

The game is really nice and boring… In survival mode we have to collect sufficient resources to survive but there is so many monster and we can’t even collect properly….i want a new mode in which creative and survival can be mix so that it will be more fun.. please create spawn animals and villagers and create more new modes…….

It’s not bad, but it isn’t really that good. started me of right in front of a pack of 3 dogs. That would’ve been okay if I could have turned but for some reason there were no left right controls. Not a very good game. It’s nice other wise but, I’m not gonna bother wasting to,me with it right now. If there is an update?; Fine I may, try it again, may.

Good game but ads pop up then after the ads done I’m dead. Controls are trash main thing that needs fixing died trying to climb up a ladder and how come zombies n dogs are spawning inside my base please fix. Really want to play this game but not until those things are fixed.

A great game, I like it and that’s saying something because I HATE game that are Minecraft ripoffs, but after a while the screen kinda started to rotate and it was really hard to control, but other than that it is a great game.

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