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[Game] Mini Castle Duels – TD Defense

Mini Castle Duels  Meet Mini Castle Duels: Tower Defense – a brand new castle battle tower defense game with a twist clash!

Tired of playing as boring heroes? Become their enemy – the evil and mighty Dungeon Lord! Lead the Legions of Darkness, assemble a mighty army of monsters, ravage enemy lands and protect your domain… Conquer the world in a grandiose battle royale!

Your task in this tower defense game is simple – destroy enemy castles and protect your own! Unlike many other classics, you have not some towers at your disposal — but cards that summon mages, minotaurs, ghosts and even succubi! Be wary – your opponents are prepared for horde defense, and rush tactics may not always work… Come up with a cunning plan and don’t forget about your own PvP defense!

Conquer, destroy, enjoy, clash! This dynamic real time PvP won’t disappoint you! Can you predict enemy’s moves and come up with a winning tactic in this tower defense? Rush games are fast and furious! Go from defense to attack and crush the enemy!

Each battle is fun and unique, and the game itself is easy to learn, but exciting to master! A detailed tutorial will make sure you realize the basics, and then it’s a matter of experience! Quite literally – the higher you cards’s level is, the more health your castle has! Level up, conquer and expand!

TD games are always more fun with real players, and you won’t be disappointed by PvP in this tower defense! Become a top ranking player and reap the glory and rewards! But there’s more to do – quests and Co-Op battles are there for those who want something different!

To battle! Defend, attack, conquer the world!

Published under the global gaming brand MY.GAMES, the leading developer and operator of unforgettable gaming experiences on PC, mobile, and consoles.

Mini Castle Duels user reviews :

Game is okay, I don’t like that the chests in battle pass they dont have any chance for epic or legendary cards, only up to rare. Game is heavy on p2w, premium pass gives you really big advantage. Edit to 2 stars: after you reach 3600 points u are matched with 5000+ points.

  • Greetings, thank you for the feedback, we will pass it to the devteam.

i’d like it if after a round, the losing castles would kinda crumble and then finally collapse after finally being defeated. I’m still early in the game, but the sounds and music are nice. The gameplay is unique and it feels balanced at this point.

The game is in development, but even so the possibility of using Google or Facebook to save the In game progress would be nice, the gameplay is mediocre at best, definitely some p2w aspect can be expected. But if you just want to play some game on your way to train station, this is a quick play for sure.

  • Greetings, thank you for the feedback, we will pass it to the devteam.

I dont care about future development and new staf just please make it playable. I cant play it of this constant bugs . Everytime i play i match i must exist the game . Can watch ads , game lags to much ,so fustrating omg

  • Greetings. We are sorry to know that you have encountered an issue in the game. If it is still urgent, please, use this website to submit a ticket to our tech support service, describe your issue in the ticket and we will do our best to help you.

Game is good. However what is the point of each round lasting 20 seconds when over half the time they finish with 9 seconds left. There are so many rounds where i know i can defeat the opponent but it just ends the round early forcing me to lose the round.

  • Greetings, thank you for the feedback, we will pass it to the devteam.

Good game, but the legendary cards are very hard to get. And some of those cards are not even good. The ad chest should have one epic or legendary card in it.

  • Greetings, thank you for the feedback, can you tell us more about your concerns?

I’m having a blast on this game . Yes I am playing against bots most of the time but I don’t know how like Ng the game has been out . When I play a proper player it’s a lot more challenging. I love the characters . I have clash mini and I much prefer this game to that one .

The games fun. Very addictive. But zephyr is to overpowered there’s no counter for him. His range needs to be nerfed. Also remove the constant click buys

  • Greetings, thank you for the feedback, we will pass it to the devteam.

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