Gangpire – Get ready to stand up and overthrow the tyranny

[Game] Gangpire – Fire & Fury


Welcome to the underworld! If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

The city has been long controlled by the Skeletons, a notorious criminal syndicate whose tentacles wrapped around every corner of this dog-eat-dog world. They squeeze every penny out of your pocket, for every drop of water you taste, every breath of fresh air you take.

Where there is oppression, there is resistance. As a street Gang Boss, get ready to stand up and overthrow the tyranny, be the master of the city and establish a new order. The road is long and paved with thorns. You must use your strategies to grow as fast as possible and recruit talented fighters from different cultural backgrounds to support your cause. Start your journey here and be a legendary Gang Boss of resourcefulness and leadership!


Enjoy the strategic dispatch of your crew on the map! With a simple tap and drag, you can move your marching crew freely for various tasks: fighting enemies, looting resources, and eliminating patrolling gangsters. The fun is between the rivalry of masterminds!

Recruit skillful Street Heroes! Open up your mind and recruit Heroes from various backgrounds with a fabulous look and fierce skills. Listen to their stories, and they will be the loyal followers to support you all the way. With their assistance, you will be the one dominating the underworld in no time.

Work with your allies in a Clan. Here you can devote yourself to a united clan and enjoy the play with players from all over the world. All the clan members can grow together, fight together and win together. There is always more strength in numbers.

Fight to expand your turf! Throw yourself in a turf war and clear blocks step by step to take over more space for your gang development. After taking over new blocks, you can unlock new buildings and meet new challenges!

Plan wise and grow big! Construct various buildings on your turf and build a prosperous corner in the city. You can also conduct researches in your personal Institute to accelerate your development in both the economy and the combat.


Network connection is required.
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Gangpire user reviews :

Theres been something wrong with the game since the last update. Theres massive lag during most actions. Doesnt really matter which action I’m performing, anything I tap on, I have to tap several times before the game responds. Connectivity issues. Game keeps crashing with popup saying no connection. Or there are long loading times for no reason. Please look into the last update. I am not the only player having these issues. I have 94 people in my alliance and 70 of them experience the above.

The open layout for building is great, campaign interesting, but theres terrible balance. You can only train 1 type of troop out of 4 categories, or buy a 2nd que. Which of course makes the balance between spending and those not is even worse than in most games of it’s kind. Besides that, it’s great, unfortunately that in itself is a game breaker! Would definitely come back and play if it was changed.

  • Hi, thank you for sharing your idea. We value every criticism and we will forward your concern and ideas to our development team. We sincerely wish you have a good time.

It was an enjoyable experience one week ago, but the last two updates purposely made the game more difficult for FTP. Resource production has been more than halved, free give aways have been mostly removed, progression is more costly, and systems that were working well were cut to coax more players into spending money. Even daily event quests require premium items to score (speed ups). It has become abundantly clear with each additional update that they intend to fleece all players. STAY AWAY!

  • Hello, we feel very sorry for not giving you a good gaming experience. This is definitely not our intention. Thanks for your comment. We value every criticism and we will forward your concern and ideas to our development team. We sincerely wish you have a good time.

It’s fine. It’s exactly like so many other of these settlement development games. The art style is unique. Some of the battle options are new. But in the end it is another re-skin of similar games with street crime instead of zombies, fantasy, medieval, or aristocratic settings.

Game has good potential, i enjoy the many variables to it with lots to do to keep you busy while playing. The major issue is with your server, on 2 different occasions now the game lagged real bad then crashed, had to wait an hour for my phone to catch up to normal, so I just uninstalled it. Maybe next time.

  • We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Crashing or lagging problems are closely related to devices. Please contact our support team at gff_support[at] and share a detailed description of the issue, screenshots, device info and OS version so that we can help you fix it.

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