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Mini Desktop LauncherMini Desktop is the most lightweight (250KB) and fastest launcher on Google Play.

Despite it’s extremely small app size, Mini Desktop has powerful features. With Mini Desktop, you can create icon packs, quickly search for apps, and lock down your private apps with a password. Also, Mini Desktop allows you to put your favorite apps to the dock for easier access.

Extremely lightweight and fast

Mini Desktop is by far the world’s most lightweight and fastest launcher. The second smallest launcher on Google play is 4 times bigger than Mini Desktop, and consumes at least 2 times more memory. Launcher is the application that live in memory most of the time, by using Mini Desktop most of our users found their battery life grow at least 50% longer.

Quickly find apps

Mini Desktop is designed to save your time on finding apps all over different places. Your apps are sorted by usage frequency so that you can quickly find the app you want.

Apps lock

Protect your privacy, enable apps lock to lock down your private apps. Locked apps are password protected. Only you can open these apps.
You can also hide your locked apps, this will further protect your privacy.

Organize your apps

Create groups to better organize your apps. Drag apps on the dock to reorder them. To add apps to a group or remove apps from a group, long press the app and select “Edit Group”.

Mini Desktop Launcher user reviews :

I like it but it seems unreliable. Sometimes icons/apps just disappear, even in the hidden view with nowhere to be found but in settings. I don’t know what is causing it, but for now I will go back to the default launcher until this gets updated.

I am going to agree with others about this launcher. It really is the best of its kind! And I make it a point to test out a lot of different customization apps often. But I am also unable to uninstall applications with the long press. When I click on uninstall, nothing happens so I have to go into my settings to delete apps. I also agree with another reviewer that custom icon packs are very needed (would also pay to upgrade if this was added). It’s a great launcher otherwise!

My favorite launcher because it’s lightweight and fast. Only one problem: it doesn’t work with the “clone app” feature in my Alcatel phone. This means I can’t open a second instance of, let’s say WhatsApp, because the cloned app it’s not displayed in the list of all my installed applications. Other launchers work ok with this feature on my phone. I hope this gets sorted out.

Simply the best, it takes up no storage room, yet offers every single function a launcher user could ask for.

Thanks for letting us make unlimited groups! This app really is awesome. I do wish I could hide apps, and re-arrange the apps myself (like drag them around like how you can do to the dock). Its still great without these features though! I like taking my phones wallpaper and putting it through an app that blurs the picture then I use this as the launcher and it makes it look like I have a blurred background which is super cool.

Good app. When you search for an app, and you want to search for another one, make sure you clear that search. I thought the app was stuck, but I didn’t erase the last search. I’m giving it 4 stars because it, made my screen “blurry”. I did go back to my other launcher, I couldn’t get it to correct the screen. Other than that it’s good app. Try it you may have better luck.

Really really excellent. I installed this on four phones and recommended to two friends. One phone has 1gb ram, mediatek processor and made in 2016. This made it much faster. But may i know the in app purchases are? I installed this on my parent’s phones and I don’t want them to get suddenly stuck by ads or free trial ended. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Great launcher and still using it. I have one suggestion. If you could make a toggle switch under settings that would lock the home row, and not allow these home apps”bottom row”, to be moved around after being toggled, that would be perfect. I always find myself accidentally swiping at them and moving them on accident.

Excellent, clean launcher with a tiny footprint. Just what I wanted. Thank you.

I like this launcher a lot but I have noticed a couple of things apps that I havent hidden will suddenly disappear and I will find them with the hidden apps also before you could uninstall apps you downloaded and changed your mind about from the main page that no longer works or least it hasnt for me. I like it because you can have a nice clean page . Most launcher give you more apps . Its my favorite launcher

I now rate this a 5+. My phone now runs a lot smoother than before. My wish is just to have the feature to lock groups in addition to locking apps. Just downloaded and installed. Seems like a very good app. No non-sense back to basics launcher. Just what I need for the 850mb ram phone running on Nougat I am now using. I rate it a 4 initially. Hopefully no quirks and I’ll give it a 5+

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