Mini GOLF Tour – Discover and try out all the awesome tracks

[Game] Mini GOLF Tour – Clash & Battle

Mini GOLF TourMini GOLF Tour is here for you!

This is a new game that will bring you the experience of real minigolf games.

Mini golf, also known as minigolf, mini-putt, or putt-putt, is a sports game in which participants compete by shooting a small ball into special holes with putters. The goal of the game is to cover the allotted distance in the minimum number of strokes.

Do you like sports and outdoor activities? Then this golf clash is perfect for you! Try to complete dozens of challenging levels and show everyone who is the best in minigolf!


️ Easy controls and simple gameplay.
️ Compete with other players to be the champion.
Unlock 6 amazing tours with challenging obstacles.
️ Customize your ball, trail and hole effect for unique playing experience.
️ Collect rewards for faster progress.
️ Stunning 3D graphics and effects.

Discover and try out all the awesome minigolf tracks! Compete and earn coins and gems to unlock all the collectibles in chests. Challenge other players to become the ultimate champion of a real golf clash!

There are many minigolf games, but none of them are like this golf blitz. Amazing 3D graphics and sound effects make this game a gem among other minigolf games. Once you try to play and you won’t stop.

Get a completely new experience with this exciting golf blitz! You do not need special skills to begin. Try and win a golf clash with other players!

Just download the Mini GOLF Tour and be the champion!

Mini GOLF Tour user reviews :

Exceptional Game! However, I have maxed out on everything – levels, chests, balls, avatars. There is nothing more to achieve but to just play on and win and run up the score. There could be more levels to play. More balls but with characteristics assigned like a ball that could go through barriers once a defined elite status is achieved, or a ball that can send opponents ball where they don’t intend it to go if you aim and hit it (like billiards, croquet). Otherwise, luv the game!!!

  • Hello, we have great news for you then! We are going to release new minigolf game :) coming soon and a lot of content to look forward to!

This game is surprisingly solid, with no forced ads at all, although the physics are sometimes janky. However, only being able to have 4 chests at one time, with only one counting time down until available, is super frustrating. For improvements, I would love to have a reset button, extra chest slots as you level up, map ratings (1-5 stars), offline practice, win/loss records for each tour, the tally of each position you finished in, and player levels and W/L records shown in matches.

  • Hello Justin. Thank you for taking the time to send us your suggestions. We’ll try to integrate them into our new upcoming Mini Golf game. Keep an eye out for its release, and we hope you find it even more captivating! Kind regards.

I love this game. It’s fun and competitive but there is a couple of things that should be fixed. When trying to pull back for the power of the ball the screen moves to easily and makes it difficult to get the power bar to come up so the screen will keep spinning. The cursor for moving the screen should be at the bottom of the screen instead so it doesn’t interfere with your power. The time for opening chests should be less too. Please fix this. It’s extremely frustrating!

Addictive game really. Fun to play. Hoping for more levels soon. Need to fix the glitches where opponents actually make it into the hole without taking required shots on last level. Also would be nice to be able to shoot just as far as the generated opponents. New updates are fantastic! However there is a big problem with the chests. Keeps giving me items I already have and keeps wanting me to purchase the same avatar over and over and over, etc again. Very frustrating!! Can’t get anything new!

  • Hi Patricia, thank you for your feedback. We are sorry you are facing some problems with the game. Please contact us at[at] with more information and ideally relevant screenshots. We’ll do our best to resolve it. Have a wonderful day!

Love this game. I really haven’t experienced too many glitches. I have gone against the bots and beat them myself, but what I love about this game is the new creative ways you can win. It took me about 4-6 months to conquer the games achievements without paying. I do wish you could determine who is real and who is not. Or a way to connect with other players for a one on one. That would be fun. -Oniko PS- take the take to figure out the short cuts in each level and you’ll have more fun!

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