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Kingdom MergeGet ready to be part of a magical story with castles, kingdoms and dragons.

This is an exciting quest with brave characters, entertaining stories and magic. Now, it has become even easier to build your kingdom. Just merge the identical objects and see how fast your kingdom is growing. It is not so difficult to build a gigantic castle anymore.

Grow crops and collect resources, design and develop your own kingdom! Matching and combining 3 or more items causes the evolution of each of them. On your game path you may meet dragons and monsters, but remember that the main task is to merge objects in order to develop your lands! The game has different characters and each of them has its own unique and exciting story! They will help you raise an population, expand your possessions and turn the kingdom into a prosperous state.

Combining a puzzle game with a kingdom builder game, Castle Merge is a relaxing and addictive new free game that will give you unforgettable gameplay. Disperse the fog and get growth. Fantastic adventures are ahead!

The game features:

Grow crops and collect resources
Unlock unique heroes with individual characters
Mine various resources to build a Kingdom
Discover new land and clearing areas for your castle
Complete daily quests and get treasures
Drag objects and organize your game board so that your kingdom looks perfect
Explore magical territories full of mysterious creatures and exciting items

Download now, and design your Kingdom of dreams!

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Kingdom Merge user reviews :

Recently, after the October update, the weekly and monthly challenges have not been working. I accomplish all I have listed but I am short by 1 or 2 goals not showing so I can’t complete them. Disappointed in that.

I really like this Merge game. It’s like once you’ve played more than 50(literally )of them ,you feel like you have played them all. To my surprise I was wrong. This Merge game is in so many ways like all the others, yet in a league of its own in so many other ways. I have been playing this game for two weeks now and still entertained. I have so many pro’s and I’m trying my best to think of a con but I can’t not really. With all the pro’s their not even worth mentioning.

The only reason I’m not rating it a 5 is bc I’ve been stuck at 24+ level for MONTHS. There is no way to advance my level.

I enjoy merge games go relax in the eve. This is my favorite now! I always have a ton of coins (from game play, not purchased) so I can buy more energy, crop pieces, etc. It does sometimes glitch when I pull an object across the screen and disappears for a second but comes back in the spot I moved it too. It is a fun game and always something to do!

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

I like the game but I only have one worker and can’t get anyone to help me. I tried going to help and all I get is a Facebook page with no posts so I messaged twice. Will probably delete game if I don’t get a response

Could have been one of the best merge game but lately one of the task is to do task on tropical island but there’s no task to do ..what task you talking about….advise

Really love this game but the prices of the extra islands are pretty high compared to the other similar merge games, can’t afford them

I really enjoy this game ..however there are glitches that cannot be overlooked. First castle for me refuses to build up no matter how many houses I add friend that plays has built up first castle but game refuses to recognize advancement and she cannot open new land …so 2 stars until the glitches are fixed

Hello, you can send email to We will try to help you.

This was a 5 but i put it down for a couple of hrs and now everytime i make a move the objective board comes up. Its not giving me any credits that ive done. Becoming very upsetting. I do like this game. I hope u can fix the problem. Thank you

  • Thank you for your feedback! We deeply respect your advice and we will try to combine your feedback with our research and development to provide better products.

Could be the best merge game if the items didn’t freeze in place sometimes and the game will occasionally kick me completely out and start up again. The tracking can be too fast a lot of the time also

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