Mini Heroes – Massive heroes and endless combinations

[Game] Mini Heroes – Summoners War

Mini HeroesEasy Adventure: play anywhere, anytime
Effortless Collection: recruit heroes, gather all rare ones
Card Strategy: customize freely, try stronger squad
Adorable Art: cute style, you deserve it
Thrilling Storyline: 36 Chapters, challenge various Bosses

For Casual Players
1. Enjoy cute style with plenty of humor in this vast fantasy world.
2. Collect legends heroes for free, without the need to grind or pay.
3. Various gameplay, PVE, PVP, and legion battles, to clash with other players.
4. Multilingual support to chat and explore with players from around the world.

For Senior Players
1. Explore the idle RPG game with massive heroes and endless combinations.
2. Smooth controls and top-notch graphics provide a high-quality experience.
3. Keep things fresh with regular updates, new heroes, storylines, and challenges.
4. Climb the rankings and compete against multiplayer to be the king.

For Story-driven Players
1. Immerse in wacky and adventurous storylines that will keep you entertained.
2. Create your own legendary journey by exploring 36 different forces.
3. Engage with interesting characters and dialogues that will surprise you every time.
4. Rich gaming experience with main and side storylines, and other hidden treasures.

Rich Cultivation System
1. Best RPG games with massive benefits, offline rewards and achievement system.
2. Find strategy through various unit types, attribute matchups, and infinite combinations.
3. One-click inheritance and lossless evolution make it easy to conquer the kingdom.
4. Reap rich rewards, weapons, horses, and suits in the arena.
5. Unlock more war skills by activating relic and hero soul.

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Mini Heroes user reviews :

It’s a good enough game that i can enjoy, but i feel like the competitiveness that i have now will disappear soon as the level difference between players gets too high. I hope the devs have plans for the future of this game. Ps: I’ll still play this game even if the content only changes a little

The game is good and fun.. the ui is smooth, I dont experience lag which is good too.. the characters cute the gameplay is very awesome especially the thing where assign your character who to hit first..

Nice game. I love the animation. Easy to play. But i suggest a button that can finish automatic the battle. Overall 10/10.

This game is incredible so far!! So much fun. It has many different miniheroes, loads of ways to fight and gain exp. Can’t wait to keep growing stronger

The game is smooth and i like the characters, the only thing i don’t like the is from [WU]camp Sun something she’s way too brutal with her moon chop keep on hitting same person even though it’s dead other characters have cool ability please change her moon chop

It’s definitely my new favorite! Well designed and a nice change from all other gatcha/idle games overplayed over the years. This game is very Ftp friendly, and to advancecin vip, it isn’t expensive or greedy like most other games… check it out, you well be as impressed as I am

The gameplay mechanics is nice and easy to understand. All heroes are cute and well balanced. Hoping for more great updates in this game.

Characters are so unique, i like the graphics too. And equipment are easy to loot. Gameplay is a 9/10 i just started playing yesterday and i am still playing for more than 18hrs now

Great gameplay. Loved the heroes and their equipments. it’s easy for an f2p to grind and get stronger. Not so biased and easy to play

This is more to do with the company , they release games, update for a short period and repeat this cycle … , I hope they learn from this and focus on there games and update them regularly for a longer period

  • I am very sorry to cause you a bad experience, we will continue to work hard to provide a better game experience, and thank you very much for your support.

This game is fun yet simple. I Like the design of the game it is so simple but the mechanics of the game and the features of the games are better than other games I hope that this game becomes more popular and better.

It’s a fun game and they have a lot of mechanics where you dont have to grind constantly on the levels you’ve already completed

This game is the best three kingdoms game I’ve ever played It has a lot of players World wide and very friendly players the game has a lot of mode like arena mode boos challenge story intace where you explore the more your character leveling up the more game mechanics you will unlock what is interesting though is there is a free VIP you can make friends and a legion to explore with them together collect all the heroes by recruiting them and become the powerfull player of the server and many more

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