CityMix Solitaire TriPeaks – Choose your own solitaire story

[Game] CityMix Solitaire TriPeaks

CityMix Solitaire TriPeaksPlay card games, relax and train your memory and brain with full deck solitaire tripeaks CityMix.

The City Mix is more than just another one journey!

Choose your own solitaire story

Which would you prefer: decorating and restoring a quiet town, or solving puzzles and seeking adventure on a lost island? The choice is obvious: both. With CityMix Solitaire you can decorate, solve puzzles and mysteries, follow adventures and help brave heroes.

Cute characters Vicky and her pet Raccoon will help in this challenging quest. Fasten your belts, prepare to see something new, even if you play solitaire 250 times a day.

No more boredom and dullness with this card game. Sharpen your solitaire skills, make good moves, enjoy adventures and have fun!

Check out what CityMix Solitaire has to offer:

play thousands of unique levels, collect the total grand harvest of them!
get tons of bonuses that will make winning in solitaire even easier and nicer
discover not only challenging solitaire game, but numerous mini-games, events and tournaments
the safe will help you accumulate and multiply all your reward
play solitaire tripeaks and relax while the exciting story won’t let you get bored
two types of story – cozy town with its lovely scenery and sweet neighbors and mysterious island with its tricky puzzles of the local tribe. Twice as many adventures!

Klondike, spades and classic solitaire fans will appreciate the renewed gameplay. You can play from anywhere, even offline – without an Internet connection. Your solitaire is always with you. If you have been looking for a cards game, you have found the one out of 250 solitaire apps!

Any questions left? We are always willing to help! Here is our email to connect Are you still thinking of installing CityMix Solitaire?

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CityMix Solitaire TriPeaks user reviews :

Daily Missions are too time consuming and boring plus you can only complete one at a time. One will be to clear 7 levels then the next one will be to clear another 5 levels. The cost for 5 extra cards is way too much considering the little amount of coins you get per level. Too many rewards for extra lives or a timed reward for lives, which I don’t use.

  • Hello Teri! Thanks for your review. We are sorry that you did not like the functionality of daily tasks. Indeed, you are right, you can only complete one current mission. You can also receive bonus coins and boosters in other activities of the game, have a good day

A lot of people are complaining about this game but if you have patience and enjoy solitaire you can get through the levels quickly. It’s a really basic solitaire game not in the traditional solitaire card game sense. The characters are cute and quirky. You can build up gold rather quick if you watch the 15-30 second ad after each level to double your gold amount. There are also ads to get 100 gold after the ads that replenish after you’ve watched them all. Fun and easy game!

  • Hello Cassadi! Thank you for your review. We hope the game will give you only pleasure, and one day your rating will rise a little Have a good day!

It started nicely until level 140. Then the game becomes challenging and stops being relaxing unless you are ready to pay. Nice graphics, ok storyline although it could have been better. I will probably spend all my saved boosters and unistall. I give 2 stars only because I reached level 143 until now without fuss.

  • Hello Elif! Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at citymix[at]

It’s a fun game just find that one star per stage is a bit disappointing. I think the harder the stage you should get at least two stars but otherwise it’s a fun game with NO ADS.

  • Hello Tony! Thank you for your feedback and review we will think about increasing the number of stars at difficult stages. Have a nice game and have a nice day!

There is one slight fix that needs attention: when i go to claim my rewards for completing daily challenges, it sometimes freezes. Fix this and the game is aces! Other than that, love it really!

  • Hello Ben! We’re very sorry you’ve encountered this issue! Please contact us at citymix[at] with your details. Include your Game Id, the device you use and when do you encounter the issue. We’ll do our best to resolve it. Thank you!

I’m giving this a five-star review. It is so nice to have a game to play where there is no cost of coins to play it. Also, no ads unless you want to watch for Rewards.

  • Hello Jo! Your feedback is music to the CityMix Solitaire team ears. Thank you for your 5-star rating and for choosing our gamet! Have a good day!

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