Mini Market – Fill their orders by finding the right foods

[Game] Mini Market

Mini Market  At the Mini Market, customers are lining up to try your tasty goods in this fun sorting and cooking game.

Fill their orders by finding the right foods—fruit, vegetables, candies and deli goods—as well as whipping up delicious burgers, smoothies and ice creams according to their instructions. Count the right change and send them on their way smiling, then use your takings to build your supermarket’s inventory with exciting new ingredients to keep the crowds coming.

All the ingredients of an absorbing game for all ages

Straightforward gameplay that’s easy enough for the youngest players to master but still provides hours of fun for all age groups.

Develops counting, shape recognition, differentiation, and fine motor skills, as well as attention to detail.

Wide range of fruit, vegetables, and other ingredients promoting curiosity and healthy eating, as well as expanding vocabulary.

Classic cooking-game scenarios in a simple-to-play and engaging format with gradual undemanding progress that encourages responsible gaming.

Clear and colorful original design that’s comfortable for kids and attractive for adults, too

Calm, cheerful music and exciting sound effects to enhance your supermarket experience

Fun customer characters, all with a friendly comment and unique food requirements

Teaches the basic principles of commerce and customer service in a casual setting

Come on down to the store where the fun never ends

Serve up a storm of mouth-watering burgers, super-healthy smoothies and delicious ice creams in this charming sorting game that’s a joy to play for all ages. Keep on sorting ingredients, serving customers and counting change to make the Mini Market the most popular food store in the neighborhood.

Head to the Mini Market now for hours of exciting, developmental fun.

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Mini Market user reviews :

I saw this game in many ADs And it seemed interesting so i got it. After some time i finally got in the game. Next thing i knew the game is super boring. The only thing you do is put the same ice cream scoops over and over again, sort fruit, and make smoothies that are super boring. You even need to pay hundreds of in-game money for a CLOSET!! Also i dont have to talk about the ads. You have to pay to get ad free gaming. I even got that and there are still ads. Some ads are super long still.

Honestly, this is a very nice and simple game but VERY fun and great. My most favorite part is making the hamburgers and actually getting the chose to pick what hose first, I give it a 5 star. Sure the ads are annoying, but that kinda gets an excuse, only because this game is really funny

Not much ads, really fun to play! I love how theres many things to do, including renovations. I wish they would ad an editing setting, wher you can edit some of the furniture. But its a great game over all

Love the game, but please fix this bug! There is a fruit sorting game where I have to sort three different fruit, but one of them doesn’t even show up so I can never pass the level. I’m just stuck at the same level. Can you please fix this??

It’s really good game. I just installed it and it is so satisfying and creative. This game doesn’t have that many ads and it’s really fun to play. Recommended

I kinda see you this as more of a bug than an actual issue, I am stuck on a level where I have to sort four different types of fruit, but 1 type of fruit is missing. So where is that particular type of fruit? Can you fix this bug?

Honestly not a bad game. The concept is pretty good and the combinations and situations are different :). But the only thing are ads, I mean I know you need ads but…after Every game

I liked this but i got onto the game today and it took me to a new store and got rid of all the hard work i put into the other one. It was fun but i worked so hard and its all gone to waste

I love this game because you get to cook, decorate and make your own mini market.

I like this game a lot it’s a very simple and easy game I give it a 5 star

This game is also great for children aged five or six and up

This game is a lot of fun, but when you are done with a customer you have a choice to watch an add for money, I pretty much always say no because I don’t wanna watch an add, so I say no, then I have to watch an add for no reason, so I think there are to many ads if I wanted to watch the add I would watch it for money.

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