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Welcome to Bunny Haven, where the enchantment of bunnies knows no bounds! Step into this irresistibly cute bunny game, where you take the reins of a bunny rescue sanctuary. Your mission: adopt and pamper adorable rescue bunnies, transform your garden into their loving haven, operate a cozy cafe, and play matchmaker for customers and their bunny buddies.


Rescue Cute Bunnies: Embark on a heartwarming journey to rescue a diverse array of cute bunnies, each graced with unique markings, colors, and endearing personalities, making your sanctuary their forever home.

Style Your Sanctuary: Infuse your sanctuary with your unique aesthetic as you adorn it with charming furniture and accessories. Craft a cozy haven that not only delights your bunny floofs and cafe customers but also mirrors your distinct sense of style

Cafe Management: Your responsibilities extend beyond the adorable bunnies, as you’ll be in charge of the garden cafe, and serving up scrumptious orders for your cafe customers.

Match Customers with Bunnies: Pair up cafe customers with their perfect bunny companions and watch heartwarming connections bloom.

Real-Life Personalities: Every rabbit in Bunny Haven draws inspiration from real-life rabbit species, capturing their quirks and characteristics.

Why Play Bunny Haven?

Bunny Haven is a relaxing and therapeutic space where you can interact with cute rescue bunny floofs!
Discover an array of cute bunny species that you’ll instantly want to cuddle, watch, and spend quality time with, creating unforgettable memories with your furry friends.

The decoration mechanic empowers you to transform the garden of Bunny Haven into a reflection of your personal aesthetic.
If you’re a fan of cafe games, restaurant games, animal games, or pet games, Bunny Haven is a must-try for you!
We are committed to promoting ethical care towards real-life bunnies. Rest assured, our depiction of bunnies, their environment, and interactions is designed to be completely harmless and inclusive.

Created by Runaway Play – an award-winning mobile games studio building cute games inspired by the natural world.

Bunny Haven will prompt you to allow access to your photos, media, and files. This is to use the in-game snapshot feature to save images to your device or share them with your friends.

Please note: This game is free to download but does contain some items to purchase for money. If you run into any issues while playing or you have any suggestions, please reach out to us at support[at]runaway.zendesk.com.

Bunny Haven user reviews :

Very cute game, but I found myself getting bored with it rather quickly. It is good for those who just want something they can open up, do a few things, and then close it out for a few hours before coming back to check on it. Things I loved: the rabbits (omg these little cuties stole my heart), can decorate my café, and the mini games. Things I wasn’t too fond of: the mini games got repetitive very quickly, progression is a little slow for my taste, and there are limited decoration options.

Very cute game, I really enjoy it! But there seems to be some bugs, which is understandable since it just launched. Once I have about 2 customers and 3rd comes in, I can’t see all of the bunnies, so I can’t match them up properly. Also, after so long of using the game, it starts stalling and then crashes. The game is great enough where I don’t mind playing inspite of it, but I would really appreciate it if you work out those bugs. Keep it up, I love all of your games!!

I really, really like the game thus far. It’s super chill and doesn’t stress you out AT ALL. Still learning the ins and outs of everything, but I am thoroughly enjoying myself!! Also, I love the aesthetic of the different customers walking into Bunny Haven. It’s a very modern take on people these days, where people dress however makes them comfortable (i.e. a male character with a skirt or a female character with a shaved head) I really dig this game

  • We’re so glad to hear that, thank you for your awesome review! We hope you continue to enjoy Bunny Haven!!

I don’t know if I’m playing wrong or if the acquiration of the different currencies is just *super* disproportionate. I max out my hearts after just a couple guests and have to leave them on the screen, which builds up quickly. I have so many carrots and nothing to spend them on. it’s very hard to collect the materials for upgrading rabbits so many get left behind. it’s hard to collect enough coins to decorate your sanctuary the way you want. I just wish it was a little less random.

This app is super cute and there’s always new things the more you level up. (That includes new bunnies ) The only thing I don’t like so far is the limited timed sets you have to pay for, I don’t mind having to pay for stuff every once in awhile but these are constantly changing and there’s no what to buy them once the deal is gone. Kinda frustrating but otherwise it’s very calming and sweet.

Very cozy! It’s a super cute feel good game and I love collecting all of the sweet little buns. The only issue I have with the game that made me drop a star is that it feels very purchase pushed. I get that game devs need to make money somehow but when the game comes to a near screeching halt because you don’t spend money on it, it loses a good chunk of appeal.

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