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[Game] Mini Restaurant – Food Tycoon

Mini RestaurantWelcome to Mini Restaurant: Food Tycoon, an engaging restaurant business and management simulation game!

As the owner of a restaurant, you’re about to embark on a journey to become a skilled manager and build a thriving culinary establishment. Join us now and immerse yourself in this exciting and delightful adventure in Mini Restaurant: Food Tycoon!

Take customer orders.
Your staff will handle orders, cook, and serve food to your guests. Sit back and relax, as this game is perfect for idle gaming enthusiasts like you!

Prepare delectable dishes.
Your restaurant can whip up a wide variety of dishes, from soups, coffees, and lemonades to hot dogs, burgers, pizzas, and more! Don’t forget to hire special characters to expedite your business operations.

Earn revenue from food sales.
Satisfy all your customers with your outstanding cuisine, and they’ll happily pay for their meals, often leaving an extra tip!

Upgrade and decorate your restaurant.
Use the money earned from food sales to purchase equipment and furnishings, ranging from basic to modern. Personalize your dream restaurant according to your preferences.

Expand your restaurant.
Begin with a small establishment and gradually expand it into a spacious restaurant equipped with all the amenities to serve your customers better.

Demonstrate your exceptional management skills!
As long as you put in the effort, customers will flock to your restaurant. With your creativity and managerial acumen, there are no limits to what you can achieve in Mini Restaurant: Food Tycoon.

This game is a perfect fit for the following individuals:
Enthusiasts of cute games, food market tycoon game!
Food lovers who crave dishes like pizza, burgers, hot dogs, gimbap, sushi, pasta, and more…
Fans of relaxing games, idle games, and simulation games!
Players who prefer offline and idle gaming experiences!
Those who enjoy single-player and free games!

Play Mini Restaurant: Food Tycoon and become the most successful restaurant boss! Showcase your talent in restaurant management, craft delightful dishes, and provide an exceptional dining experience for every customer. The culinary world eagerly awaits your expertise!

By downloading this food market tycoon game, you agree to receive future updates through your app store or social network. You can choose to update the game, but opting out may affect your game experience and functionality.

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Mini Restaurant user reviews :

I do really like this game and I wasnt gonna complain, but ever since the new update if youre in the game for more than like 10 minutes, the unskippable “nice spinning table, boss” dialogue and tutorial pops up (Ive had the buffet for a WHILE). It tries to force me to buy it and the first recipe but.. Ive already had it lol. It makes the characters and whole game start freaking out. I just have to close it and reopen it but id like to not have to play it for 3 minutes at a time

  • Sorry about the problem you encountered. You can contact us via fanpage or email: support[at] for the fastest support.

Game is good overall but there are few glitches like, in the fountain area, if free one( fountain) is already done then after some time the game asks us to click on the free even when already done, we cannot play further and have to wait until the next day . The hand arrow doesn’t allow the game to proceed further ….y is that( hand arrow) even after the trial duration.

  • Hello. Are you logged in on multiple devices? Please contact via the game’s fanpage for the fastest support.

Good concept, entertaining but very glitchy and things are very very expensive. You click in a person to take order and than you get angry face and says customer left because not being helped but I just clicked on them. You pay good money for waiters/waitress and they don’t help much and are very slow no matter how much you upgrade them which is very expensive.

  • We’re sorry to hear that you’re having this problem! We will fix this issue in the next version so please wait for us and stay updated

Game is mostly ad free unless you want a boost. Issues are payout vs. cost. The people you hire don’t move fast making the game kinda frustrating. I do like the almost no ad thing tho. Almost makes it worth it.

  • Hello. Very sorry about your bad experience. There is now a new version and this error has been fixed, so please update the game to have the best playing experience.

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