Ant Colony – Raids on enemy bases

[Game] Ant Colony – Wild Forest

Ant ColonyFeatures:

Strategy with simulator elements
Completely freestyle anthill building
Unlimited amount of ants
Raids on enemy bases
Make your own deck – 8 types of ants you can play with (more coming soon)
30+ enemies including termites, spiders and even crabs!
Difficulty levels – Normal for a simulator fans or Hard for those who looking for challenge!
Realistic ants behavior
And so much more…!

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Ant Colony user reviews :

The game is great but I’m having a really big issue with it, despite being in normal difficulty it feels like it’s hardcore mode. The level would say the enemies would be less frequent but stronger but do NOT believe those words, i had raids more frequent than any other level in the Mountain level. Each raid had 5+ enemies attacking and it was always consistent, i had 166 ants created in total and 5k food gathered yet i died. (Mind you i had help from the AD rewards) Please fix this.

Level 3, less than 50 ants and it’s barely able to handle staying unfrozen. Even with all the settings turned down it’s just not able to even handle it’s own code. I was enjoying bmit but it’s basically unplayable unless you do the bare minimum needed to pass each level.

  • Hi there! Its not a regular situation for our game. Game is balanced to have 30FPS when you have less than 300 ants on the screen. We have tested our game on Samsung Galaxy S9 and it had good FPS. Have you tried restarting the phone? Do you have same issues in other game? Try killing all other apps processes while playing. Please let us know

Great game, keep adding more levels and difficulty. I suggest that each difficulty can reward you with cards and perhaps coins that you can use in the shop to purchase cards and other things. Also add endless mode and perhaps we can play as the bees because they are awesome.

Good game ruined by ads. You have a great game that’s different and fun to play but you got too greedy and ruined it. Have your glowing bugs and golden mushrooms, have your store have all the AD triggers you want but dont have all that plus forced ADs every 7 minutes or every other time you press on a menu. You destoried the flow of your own game and that’s the biggest shame

  • Hi there! Unfortunately now we hade to keep popup ADs in game for users who do not watch any ADs or not donating, so we can have minimum monthly budget for development. But its not for long, after we’ll be able to sell more content – popup ADs will disappear from the game. Sorry for having bad experience. Hope the other part of the game was good

Absolutely the most delightful colony game I’ve played in a long time. Gave me straight flashbacks to flash games, addicting games and kongregate games online. Keep up the great work! Alot of the online ant colony games need to take some inspiration from this. Especially since theres no time vs. cost bs.

The dev took a risk(props to them) Which most braindead devs don’t do nowadays I played only the tutorial until now BUT :- Beautiful Pixel Art :- Hella References :- Level based system(You have to build your base from the ground up in all the levels and win) 4 stars because the time it takes for construction of anything feels like an ETERNITY

It finally got an update! I waited really long for it and it’s so Good! The art has gotten cuter and it’s less Battery draining now! I really recommend this for people who want to play ant colony games

neat game, however the ad rewards didn’t work when I tried to get them on the surface (worked underground tho), game tended to get laggy after ads and after an over an hour of playing a level all my ants got stuck in one spot so I couldn’t continue (happened in a spot where I removed chitin storage if that helps)

Actually a very great game, the ads in the games are actually quite helpful and the developer outright state that it helps them so I feel more comvince into watching the ads, gameplay wise it is very enjoyable and easily ease my boredom because it is not a fast paced game.

It’s such a fun ant game, one of the better ones I’ve played! However, I can’t figure out how to upgrade ants, which is unfortunate.

Love the design of the game. Hope you guys, Design more ants or Skins or something Other than that, like it a lot.

  • Hi there! Thanks! Yes, for sure. At the end we plan game to have 20 ant types, at least 12 levels and 2 game modes + all events, leaderboards, clans and so on. A lot of interesting features are coming during summer, so join our socials and don’t miss it out!

Please make this a sandbox game because it would have limitless potential if you would turn the game into a sandbox game because if it would be a level game your progress would reset every level and this is the perfect concept for a sandbox simulator game

The closest game I could find to the old SimAnt, although it is a bit smaller in field scope.

Amazing game the difficulty of game realy increase and i love the game i do wanna suggestion something for the game so it can be less frustrating make the defender ants ai better make them deffend the inside aswell

Very addicting, graphics are amazing, objective and gameplay is phenomenal and I like every thing about this game

Fun, but very confused about how to upgrade the ants other than the card itself. Still havent figure that out

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