Minimal Escape – A small fairy in a fantasy world

[Game] Minimal Escape

Minimal EscapeFantasy, fairy tale-like, puzzle adventure game

Simple gameplay with difficult puzzles.
Experience a fairy tale fantasy in a puzzle adventure game.
Minimal Escape is a story about a small fairy in a fantasy world.
Is the dark world you travel simply a little nightmare, or our future to come?
Traverse and purify the polluted world and try to restore its former beauty.

Main Features
A mix of arcade, adventure, and puzzle
Incorporates the laws of physics
24 alluring and addicting stages
Advanced puzzles that require all of your brainpower
Exquisite 3D animation created with the Unity engine
Offers a dreamlike, surreal experience with its highly immersive visuals and audio
Diverse and original level designs

How to play
Solve complicated puzzles, and escape and survive against all sorts of obstacles
Find hidden elements, explore paths, and collect stars
Simple controls with directional and jump buttons that require a little bit of luck

Minimal Escape is a top quality indie/arcade/adventure mobile game.
Listen to the echoes of the environment.
The world’s fateful secrets lie before you.
Play this beautiful odyssey now!

Developer Contact theandgames2018[at]

Minimal Escape user reviews :

i give this game a 3 stars. let me tell you why: lets start with the negative. is not checkpoint in the game. at all. you have to watch a freaking ad if you wanna continue. everytime. sometimes it freeze at the beginning. the good. beautiful graphics, great challenges and the story line is great. the controls arent bad. overall, i enjoy it.

I love this game but I keep losing my completed level. It wouldnt be so bad but each level is so long with no checkpoints it takes forever to get back where I was. Plus god forbid you get a call and you are right back to the beginning. …. If it had a better save system it would be a game changer. Ive played the Collapsed City Stage 3- 3 times now. Im about to delete the game till it gets fixed. Too bad, it really is a fun game.

I want to give this game 5 stars, but it has 1 major flaw that causes me to consider uninstalling the game. Fortunately, it can be fixed if the devs are willing. Occassionally when I’ve progressed 3/4 or more through a difficult level, the game will glitch, resulting in the player avatar being partially embedded in the floor. When this happens, the only option is to start the level over. if there was an option to restart from last auto save, I would pay to remove ads and give 5 stars.

Enjoying the game…Until level 2-6. Near end, the rising water cant go up the stairs. They move at the same time. Viewed a video on you tube. I saw the issue. The stairs in video move at different times. Uninstalled the game then reinstalled it. Warning if you do this you start at 1-1 Got back to level 2-6. When i got to the rising water the issue with the stairs was not fixed. A review from 2019. Same problem. Is there a fix…will there be a fix? Anyone else having this issue?

This game is good, at first. 1 stage is long enough that make you exhausted if you died many times, and there are no checkpoints to save your game. The mini games really make me annoyed because there are no skip button, so you must keep playing to complete the stage (Pls make the checkpoints and the skip button) Other things are, we must watch the ads to complete the stage, if not, the stage is not counted as complete. The good thing about this game was their graphic was nice and beautiful.

Good game. Very enjoyable. Only downside is that when one finishes a level and then exits the same. Upon reopening, the last level completed needs to be done again to unlock the next level. For example: if I finish level 2 and begin to play level 3. If I exit, close it completely, then come back, level 3 is locked again.

It’s a good game, but there’s a glitch that keeps affecting the game play. On level 2-3, at the section where the gears can crush you, when you die several times; the controls will mo longer allow you to move left or right. Suffice it to say, I’ve not been able to pass this section because of this glitch. If this can be fixed, I’ll rate 5 stars.

I’d have given 4 stars but the average rating is way lower than this game deserves. User reviews are meaningless, including this one Contrast between the character and the environment are very low, and fog over the character makes it difficult to see. Frustration is caused by input lag and unpolished level design, more than lack of skill. It’s still a great game and deserves better reviews.

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