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Minion MastersClash against other Masters, fight epic battles and join the rumble in Minion Masters, the popular PvP tower defense game.

Minion Masters is an arena pvp game: pick among many Masters with unique abilities and collect fierce demons, cute creatures, devastating spells, and much more!
Dive into the heart of the action as you embark on a journey filled with rumbling clash and tower defense mastery. The game is easy to pick up and learn but hard to Master!

 Create your perfect deck
Step 1: Pick your Masters. Your Master can be the key to a powerful synergy with your minions and is also your last tower defence.
Step 2: Choose among 260+ Minions and build your deck, truly CCG like! Will you overwhelm your opponent with a swarm of monsters? Summon powerful and unstoppable units capable of changing the fate of a game? Or even play control and annoy your opponents! The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless in this royale clash of wits.
Step 3: Win… I guess?

Clash solo or team-up with a friend
Choose your path to Glory by engaging in intense 1v1 duels or team up with a friend (or stranger) for epic battles! Coordinate your strategies, communicate with your teammate and bring royale chaos

TD games meet real time strategy
Command your minions with precision timing, deploy strategic spells in the heat of battle, and adapt your tactics on the fly as the battlefield evolves. Minion Masters merges the tower defense games features with real time strategy and card games.

Fair to Play and Balanced
We’re committed to a fair experience in which only skill matters. In this PvP tower defense game, you can easily earn, craft, or try to loot cards – and that’s all you’ll ever need to be competitive. Anyone can rumble on anyone and fight epic battles; it all comes down to YOUR skill.
Minion Masters offers countless free rewards with daily quests, special events, and fun game modes. Earn new cards for free and without randomness with the free season pass!

Ranked 1v1 and 2v2 full of action
Quick online battle games from 2 to 6 minutes
Beautiful graphics in this full 3D game.
Crazy modes: Draft, Mayhem, Adventures…
260+ Cards to collect from many different factions always at war
14 awesome Masters
Customizable arenas, skins, emotes, guilds…
Single-player rogue-lite experience
Epic fantasy lore!
Loads of free rewards
Community tournaments
Twitch prizes and events
Constant stream of new features and balance tweaks

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Minion Masters user reviews :

Needs some improvements: _ 1. Statistical match breakdown. Really chaotic game, especially team mode, we need to see what did what _ 2. Rewards are few and far between after playing a lot. Need more small quests and more than 1 daily quest _ 3. Page number shouldn’t reset after viewing details of a card _ 4. Need to be able to put a card back if you decide you don’t want to use it _ 5. Team mode can disconnect if it’s too chaotic and it takes forever to do that. 6. Announce for both players

Loved playing this on the PC. Really happy to see the mobile version has finally been released! Been waiting a long time for the mobile release. Didn’t expect it to be that long to get released in the Play Store, but extremely happy it’s available to play using a phone. It’s more fun and it feels better playing with taps and swipes of a finger across the screen than it was using a mouse and keyboard. Thank you

Love it! But… It crashes randomly mid game, some players cheat, report does not work (grayed out on cheaters), sometimes a win will become a loss because either more cheats or just bad code, very frustrating losing win-streak to these things. Me and gf uses OnePlus 9pro and 11, always latest updates, connected to deco-mesh and gigabit fiber. Please fix reporting system at least.

It’s finally here, and runs like a charm! Finally, there’s a mobile tower-offense game that *isn’t* offensively pay to win. No card upgrading, no super-mega-OP mythic legendaries, just gamesense and deckbuilding are the only things you need to rank up. The controls will take a bit of getting used to (that’s PC muscle memory for you) and the precision isn’t 100% there – but this is a great mobile port of a great PC game. Wholeheartedly recommend it!

It’s as if Clash Royale found its big boy pants and decided to become a real game that cares about fairness. No leveling of cards, so games are actually fair. While it takes a long time to get all or most of the cards, it’s quite easy to find a competitive deck and acquire just those 10. At that point, it’s all up to your skill to reach the top ranks. The gameplay, visuals, and sound are very well done. Also, it’s just plain fun. I’ve played it more than I should probably admit.

Enjoying the game! Works just like the desktop version, with good graphics, and (for new players) a tutorial helping you through your first few battles. With all minions having different strengths and weaknesses, the game has a great strategic aspect to it too. Fun and engaging!

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