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[Game] Solitaire Ocean

Solitaire OceanNew Way to SOLITAIRE! Play Card Games and Create Your Own Dream Aquariums!

Shuffle the cards and get ready to have fun with Solitaire Ocean! The FREE, OFFLINE, CLASSIC & FUN card games of Solitaire!

Play card deals and unlock the cute fish, decorations, and aquariums of different themes to build the beautiful ocean world of solitaire of your own taste while playing the classic solitaire cards!

Join us to discover the ocean world in this classic Solitaire card game with an underwater nature theme and aquarium decoration!

Classic Solitaire card games
Playable Offline
Unlimited free Undo & free Hints
Auto-solve feature
Left-hand mode
100% Winnable Solitaire
1 card mode or 3 cards mode
Customizable card theme
Lucky card for free coins
Collection of lovely fish, decorations
Design of your own aquariums

Enjoy your favorite gameplay: Solitaire card game to build your aquariums
Train your brain and eliminate your boredom by playing solitaire cards
Unlock more unique aquariums for your lovely fish friends in Solitaire Ocean
Design your own dream aquariums the way you want with dazzling decorations
Play challenging solitaire cards anywhere without an internet connection or wifi
Classic solitaire card games with creative ways to have endless fun
Free to download, and fun to play for card games & fish ocean lovers
Continuously update and introduce the new unique fish and special aquariums!

Create your dream aquarium with dozens of adorable fish by playing solitaire card games!
All your fish friends want to meet you soon in the SOLITAIRE OCEAN free card game!

Try out this FREE Solitaire game – SOLITAIRE OCEAN which is finally available for Android devices! Download for free now!

We’d like to hear your Solitaire Ocean idea!
Contact us for any suggestions or ideas for Solitaire Ocean!

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played our free card games Classic Solitaire!

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Solitaire Ocean user reviews :

Been playing this game a while now. The ads can be very intrusive, popping up during game play to the extent where for me the game would be unplayable but for the saving grace that it works fine with data and WiFi switched off. I just reconnect occasionally to collect stuff. Thank you for that. There was a problem with ads not loading every time on one of the features when I got to the end, the grand prize advert didn’t load, then the feature disappeared to be replaced by the next feature. NP

Graphics are really nice. The fish and aquariums are beautiful and I enjoy collecting them. And I obviously enjoy Solitaire, otherwise I wouldn’t have downloaded the game. That being said, all the extra stuff (coin collecting, gem collecting and “bomb” collecting) takes away from the fish and the actual Solitaire game. I could personally do without it! Overall it’s pretty relaxing. Just do away with all the xtra stuff!

The game itself is great except: not once have I ever received the 7th day reward- it skips that and goes back to day 1. Every single time. Also, the sheer amount of ads is absolutely ridiculous. You can’t make a move without having to watch at least 1 ad. Minimum. So unfortunately I’m thinking of uninstalling as support has been no help.

I liked the game, it’s perfect for killing time. But I have this issue wherein I couldn’t find the option to move a fish to another aquarium. I was hoping to that the game has that feature because technically, you’re designing your aquarium. So where is it?

I would pay to have ads permanently removed. Even when I go to collect my earned coins, ad comes up. Argh! In looking at reviews, I saw where you all were supposed to have Remove Ads choice. But, that was several years ago and it looks like it never happened. I can understand having to have ads because it is a free game. But, we should also be given the option to make a one time payment to get rid of dreaded ads. I finally just now uninstalled game. Tired of continuous Royal Match ads!

  • Hello, we offer various packages for removing Ads, please check through the ‘+’ button next to the Coins bar at the top of the game! If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us! solitaireocean[at]

You aren’t allowed to double your daily reward. The option shows, but when you click it, it always says loading, and the video never starts. This happens at other points in the game. Basically, whenever there’s an option to double your points by watching a video it always says loading, sometimes the option to claim the double reward will appear again after it says loading for quite sometime but sometimes the option always says loading and you have no choice but to claim the single reward.

It’s a really fun change from the original or usual solitaire game. I’ve actually been playing/using this app for a very long time now and besides the usual beginner bugs and snafus, it’s been a pretty hassle free, enjoyable and fun game. One of my favorite ways to kill a little time. I would suggest it.

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