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MistikistMistikist is a unique neuroscience app that helps you change your brain waves, relax, focus, sleep, increase productivity and even program your subconscious mind!

In just 8 minutes go from Beta to Alpha brain waves! Alpha brainwave is the sweet spot where magic happens. Alpha brain frequency is related with “Super Learning”, “Enhanced Focus”, and “Relaxation”.

Brainwaves and their effects:

Epsilon brain waves: (0,1 Hz – 0,5 Hz) Spiritual Awakening, Heart Brain Coherence
Delta brain waves: (0,5 Hz – 4 Hz) Deep Sleep, Dreaming, Healing, Regeneration
Theta brain waves: (4 Hz – 8 Hz) Meditation, Light Sleep, Hypnosis, Enhanced Creativity, Deep Relaxation
Alpha brain waves: (8 Hz – 12 Hz) Relaxation, Super Learning, Calm, Focus, Subconscious Mind Programming, Creativity, Reduced Stress
Low Beta brain waves: (12 Hz – 15 Hz) Light Relaxation, Attentive States, Alertness
Beta brain waves: (15 Hz – 22 Hz) Anxiety, Busy, External Stimulation, Active Thinking, High Alertness, Low attention lifespan,
High Beta brain waves: (22 Hz – 38 Hz) Highly Alert, Anxious, Stressed, Fight – Flight – Freeze Mechanism, High Anxiety, Overstimulation, Agitation
Gamma brain waves: (40 Hz – 100 Hz) Concentration, Deep Focus, Problem Solving, Memory Recall, Deep Meditation, Enhanced creativity, High Information Processing
Lambda brain waves: (100 Hz – 200 Hz) Spiritual Awakening, Heart Brain Coherence

What are Binaural Beats?

Human ear can not hear or detect sounds below 20 Hz and above 20.000 Hz. For example you want to change your brain waves to beautiful Alpha brain waves by using sounds. However Alpha brainwave is resonating in 8 – 12 Hz which is below your audible range. In order for you to resonate in this frequency, you need to use what is called “carrier frequency”. If you listen to a sound formation, from left ear 100 Hz from right ear 108 Hz, there is 8 Hz difference between 108 – 100 = 8, and your brain will eventually start harmonizing with this frequency. This is called “Binaural Beats”. There is a lot of research on this subject and its effects on the human brain, mind and psychology. For Binaural Beats to work, using earphones / headphones are required.

What you can do with Mistikist ?

Create your own brainwave frequencies
Record your own voice as affirmation and listen them as mind messages
Create your own Mind Movies
Change your brain waves in seconds
Create your own sacred geometry patterns
Program your subconscious mind
Get rid of bad habits (Quit Smoking, quit drinking etc.)
Create your own Kaleidoscope
Become super productive
Sleep like babies
Unlock your full potential
Become calm
Super learn anything so fast
Deep Focus
Reduce anxiety
Remove fear (Social phobia, Arachnophobia, Acrophobia, Aerophobia, Agoraphobia, Astraphobia etc.)
Heal your childhood traumas
Heart Brain Coherence
Regulate Nervous System
Have Mystical Experience

Mistikist mostly uses Earth’s natural frequency which is called Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz. This frequency is actually a sweet spot between Alpha and Theta brain waves. You are awake, you are calm, you are ready to learn anything.

Mistikist can help you in these categories:

Mental Support
Subconscious Mind Programming
Anti Stress
Self Love
Self Worth
Memory Boost
Creativity Boost
Energy Boost
Deep Focus
Deep Study
Brain Coherence

You can even use Virtual Reality Glasses and greatly enhance your experience. Cardboard VR Headset and similar VR Glasses are supported by Mistikist.

So why wait? Become the best version of yourself now!

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Mistikist user reviews :

This app works to relax you and make life mire comfortable when u r stressed or just need a break.

Amazing! Best brainwave app! You can regulate your sleep, mood, become calmer, laser like focus. You can even program your subconscious mind! Keep up the good work guys

Wow this is a amazing app one you have just gots to try

works as expected. keep it up devs

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