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My Sleep AffirmationsDo you want to break your limiting beliefs? Do you have a desire to become successful, rich, healthy, loved, motivated or something more? Reprogram your subconscious mind and send a message to the universe to attract the life you desire.

My Sleep Affirmations app is here to help you reprogram your subconscious mind! Record your own affirmations and listen to the recordings while sleeping to plant seeds in your subconscious mind and change your life forever. Change your belief patterns and the belief systems you were injected which doesn’t identify yourself with the real you. Use the Law of Attraction to attract any desires and achieve your goals.

Your subconscious mind is 50.000 times stronger than your conscious mind and by reprogramming it you are changing the puppeteer that is guiding your conscious mind. Through changing your beliefs you’ll be able to change your life and My Sleep Affirmations app will help you to achieve the life you dream of by reprogramming your subconscious mind with your own recorded affirmations.

Listening to your own affirmations while sleeping gradually convinces the subconscious mind that you already are/have what you dream of. In My Sleep Affirmations app you can record suggested affirmations or create your own.

Choose volume, frequency, starting time and duration for the best experience. If you would wake up at night, it is possible to snooze the affirmations. In the morning the app will greet you and show how many times your subconscious mind have heard the affirmations.

By subscribing you are helping yourself and our planet to heal. With every subscription/purchase for My Sleep Affirmations app we are planting trees in Africa. You can find information in the app about how many trees have been planted and how many of them you have helped to plant!

My Sleep Affirmations user reviews :

So I really like this app and I think it has a lot of potential however it is lacking in just a couple of areas. I appreciate that my subscription / purchase of the app goes towards planting trees. I appreciate that you can record your own messages in your own voice. That being said there is only one background music option to go with the messages and for me personally it is not conducive to sleeping. It would be nice if you could port in your own songs or even play another app over this app.

  • Hi Rachel, thank you very much for your review. What do you mean by only one background music option? Right now there is 8 different options for music, and I plan to add more in the future. If you have trouble switching the music, that must be a bug. If that’s the case please reach out to me ibo[at], and I’ll fix it. Sincerely, Ibo

Love this app! U can record ur own voice, u have options of different music sounds, although that part needs work n I have mentioned it to the developer. U can choose certain affirmations or all of them to repeat more often if u want. The developer responds promptly if u have any questions or concerns. All in all, if ur looking for the perfect app to record ur own affirmations, this is the one u want!

Would be great if you offered a short trail for all the app I may have wanted to subscribe. The voice verse music ratio needs to be a way to adjust those so if you want the voice can get louder or the music Vesa versa kinda of thing. Some of my own recordings had high pitchs while others had a low one so you know…the very high picth of my own voice over the music, rain, etc that was helping me relax would jerk me awake. However once I got all the same pitch in the tone it worked well

It’s a great way to customize the affirmation tapes. It’s easy to add or delete affirmations that play so you don’t have to record everything from scratch. The only problem I have is that you can’t play more than 1 playlist in 1 night and you can’t create more than 1 playlist of your own.

  • Thank you for the review Prathyusha! :) You can select affirmations from multiple playlist’s for your sleep session. In the sleep session setup page you can simply select the playlists (if there is recorded affirmations from multiple playlists). For future updates we will add feature to create own custom lists and other cool features.

Your app is great, but can you please keep a free version with limited features but not limited sessions?? I can’t really afford the premium version and i don’t wanna give up the app it would be life changing if i can use it in a free way with limited features

  • Hi Nora, Thank you for this review. I would love to help you, can you reach me at ibo[at]

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