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It all starts with a seed.

Explore all cycles and prepare yourself to accept the inevitable effects of Mitoza.

Mitoza is a surreal game of choices by Gal Mamalya, published by Second Maze.

Mitoza user reviews :

Even with the comments in mind, I still wanted to try out the app for funzies. I didn’t know what to expect, but once I started playing, I realised that the game was actually quite nice, especially once I understood that it’s not supposed to have a storyline or objective (unless you want to count checking off all the possible options they show you in a section), it’s just supposed to entratain your weirdness. I like it!

there are no right or wrong answers just weird ones and it’s the best answer! The surreal logic means you never know what your getting from a choice presented to you, and that the game is based around collecting all those weird choices you’re in for a weird ride to do so. Great, if not off-putting, uncanny valley graphics and some hilarious outcomes that don’t take too long to get back to to make another choice. That being said, the game is short, but maybe that’s just “leave them wanting more!”

It’s a unique game, well not really a game! There’s no story or levels to complete. It’s more about exploration. Your curiosity of what will happen if you mix one item with another is what will keep you going. I like the style of the graphics the most. Also, no ads

  • Thank you so much for your review, Kat!

Well…this game is both fun and boring. You literally just have to pick one of the two options and watch an animation. That’s it, there’s nothing to play. I completed in just 30 minutes. Apart from this, the game is extremely unoptimised, crashes every 5-6 decisions. I downloaded this because it’s connected to Rusty Lake series. I can’t say I was disappointed but I’m not impressed either.

Inventive, unique, boring. I can see the effort the developers put in and the animations are cute. I’m a big fan of Rusty Lake. Unfortunately the game makes no sense and there’s no continuity in the choices. Which is intentional on their part, but in my opinion, it makes the “toy” boring. If something is confusing just for the sake of being random, it’s really not my thing. I’m sure there’ll be people that love this but only install if you are in it for the animations and not an actual story.

  • Thank you for trying out Mitoza! We’re sorry that you didn’t enjoy it but we’re very thankful for your feedback. We’d encourage you to check the Q&A we did on our social media with the dev of Mitoza. You can see there that the animations are not quite random and were inspired by daily life as well as pop culture. Thanks again for your support!

Well, it’s both funny, weird and boring. At the first choices I saw that the game works basically as a binary tree, where the maximum depth is 6 and the minimum is 4. I started visualizing myself the entire binary tree being constructed as I iterated every branch and beat the game/toy in less than 30 minutes, I guess. It should have more depth for the choices so the toy would be more playable.

Loved the game play and mechanics I ended up doing every ending possible. The graphics keep glitching though and not showing the full picture of what’s going on so some of the things I didn’t get to see like the stem on the rose or the monster it turns into when trying to eat the fly ect. Would love to see these bugs fixed when able.

A unique and interesting game, ike nothing I’ve played before! Your choices lead to surprising results, always keeps you guessing. It isn’t a very long game as you have a certain amount of paths you can take but I recommend this if you want a simple yet mystifying and somewhat humorous game.

One word to describe this… app: “questionable” I really wonder what was going through the dev’s mind but what ever it was, more developers need. This game was definitely the weirdest I’ve ever played but that’s what makes it different and stand out. You can tell I enjoyed it otherwise I wouldn’t be writing a review. It was short but so, so sweet! I have to share this with a friend or two! Now on another note, dev I would love to see a sequel or an entirely new game just like this one please!

  • Hey Cameron, awesome to hear that you loved Mitoza so much :) maybe in the future you’ll be able to plant a new seed in a sequel

Overall its really great! Making one different choice really does affect the ending alot. I removed one Star because I keep getting some glitches here and there but it doesnt necesarly get in the way of the game. (Examples: the head of the bird and the pot for the flower keep dissapearing.)

  • Hi Gabriela, awesome to hear that you’ve enjoyed Mitoza so much! If you have the opportunity could you send us a screenshot or video capture at support[at] of the glitches you’re experiencing? This will help us trying to fix it as soon as possible.

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