City Racing 2 – Become a legend of track

[Game] City Racing 2 – 3D Fun Epic Car Action Racing

City Racing 2

Drive on the horizon at wild top speed, fully control the vehicle, nitrogen drift for no limit, overtake on curve and experience the growth of the legendary driver! Hot wheels spin! Speed battle start!

City Racing 2 is a fun real classic racing game with top 3D graphics and high quality, giving you an ultimate visual enjoyment. It gathers more than 50 super classic sports cars with top gear, you can customize to create a car that reflects your personal style, plunge into a thrilling speed race, overtake on curve, use your superb driving skills to conquer rivals until burnout, win epic races, and create your ace club to become a legend of track!

Addicting Gameplay:

Career: 1V1, Classic, Timing, Elimination, help you become the legend driver!
Multiplayer: multiplayer mode has 5 levels point race allows you to compete with world street racing drivers all over the world in epic real-time match, hot wheels spin, leave your rivals behind, be the fast world street racer!
Season Challenge: Complete season tasks and get rich rewards! Be the top rich street racer! Contest of champions start!
Season Record: Get the first place in each city’s different lap records, claim rewards!
Club: Create your top club and challenge the global team wealth ranking!
Modification: We prepared exquisite vehicle painting for you, you can customize top gear such as body, tires, and rear wing. The powerful decal function allows you to design your own cool cars!
Collection: Unlock the top classic cars, build your ss-class car library!
Social: Visit other players’ garages, like and applaud the modified super sports cars!
Treasure: Free draw top sports cars daily, try your luck!
Lucky Chest: Unlock epic chests, get drawings and gold for upgrading vehicle parts to make your vehicles run faster, exceed the limit!


Use your superb vehicle skills to epic race in the winding track, experience the world street racing until burnout. Overtake challenge, release the ultimate nitrogen, feel the fun of drifting and driving excitement!
Participate in epic fierce competitions with world’s top drivers! Get supreme honors! Contest of champions start!
Release no limit speed on 14 tracks in 7 cities in the world, world street race, highway championship, and so on. Experience different town styles, and drift on asphalt with your skilled action, have a good joyride!
Real classic racing physics engine, restore the classic cars and thrilling scenes, create amazing graphic effects, and enhance the visual enjoyment to the extreme! Hot wheels spin!

More than 50 classic sports cars, Porsche, Ferrari, Pagani, Lamborghini, etc. Each one is carefully selected to experience the exciting feeling brings by different sports cars! The cars with top gear need speed no limits until burnout!
Online speed highway game, a car action game for boys! Interact with top racers around the world and find like-minded friends online!
Points ranking, focus ranking, team ranking, check your ranking in the world, and move towards the top popular racers!
Mobile asphalt highway game for free, play it at anywhere!

City Racing 2 is committed to creating a free fun real classic racing game, with a variety of maps, rich gameplay, cool top sports cars and fun social features, you can not only experience the ultimate drift pleasure in the highway game, but also look for rivals with considerable strength, it’s a new legend car game 2021 you most wanted. This is a fun 3D world street asphalt action highway game with top gear for free, overtake challenge, nitrogen racing, drifting, social, super vehicles, club, vehicle modification everything! This driving game is not only designed for speed pursuers, but also for engine enthusiasts! Rule traffic when you are reaching the fast speed! Fire and fury! Play this hot real simulation & addcting classic racing game! You need for speed until burnout!


City Racing 2 user reviews :

I think this game is great in many ways. There is a good variety of cars, there are many customization options, and the gameplay is nice. But there are also many things that stop me from giving a 5-star review. I really wish that the developers would revamp the lighting, sounds, and nitro. The nitros should have an animation, and textures should be improved. There also should be more tracks. Lastly, they should remove the collision count goals because it is too hard to avoid hitting the wall.

Very enjoyable game. I’ve also got city racing 3d and nearly completed all levels. So was excited when i realised that there is a part 2. I liked part 1 one and only complaint was that it could of had more variety of tracks. So it doesn’t get repetitive. This one is definitely a big uograde visually and with gameplay (Hoping there’s a good selection of different tracks). Well done 5 star *UPDATE I deducted 2 stars because game won’t allow me to play with WiFi and only works with mobile data.

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It’s a good game, it’s just the driftiny mechanics can get better that’s for sure and the graphics are alright but it can also get some improvements. Overall it’s a good game and I think with years to come it might become even better.

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