Moby Dick – Epic battles with huge whales

[Game] Moby Dick – Wild Hunting

Moby Dick  Based on the active whaling industry of the 1800’s, gather your crew of sailors and chase down MobyDick in this epic, exciting journey.

Lifelike, high quality graphics
Simple, easy controls
Epic battles with huge whales from all across the ocean
Exciting and magnificent whale fishing
Wanted System: Megalodon, Giant squid, Kraken
Offline game play with no data usage
Full multi-language support!
English, 한국어, 中文简体, 中文繁體, 日本語, Bahasa Indonesia, ภาษาไทย, Tiếng Việt, हिंदी, français, Deutsch, Español, Português, Pусский язык, Italiano, Türkçe

Device change or removal of application will reset game save files.




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Moby Dick user reviews :

I enjoy the game. It keeps me engaged, while also allowing ads for income at a rate that is acceptable. I respect business. My only complaint is the lack of variation in the screen play. And after EVERY hunt, the character says the SAME thing. Please add some variation.
  • Purple Ocean
  • Hello Kristina Hill, thanks for your comments on the game. We will forward your comments to the development team for reflection. We ask for your continued support and love in the future. thank you.
I love this game since its about my favorite Novel. Only thing I wish was that the whale spout blood from it blowhole like it would in real life when it dies. Make the game expierence more real. But ite just my opion.
  • Purple Ocean
  • Hello David Matson, thanks for your comments on the game. Unfortunately, what you said is not possible because it affects game age approval. However, we will do our best to satisfy you with more interesting content. thank you
My experience has gotten better from the beginning. I’m now like halfway through the hard setting but now it’s just monotonous. I would have gave it five stars but it’s really really monotonous I find myself going back a couple of whales and just setting it on auto for like 5 or six hours just so I can upgrade something. It’s still fun to play when I play it I’m just not addicted to it like I was at first.
  • Purple Ocean
  • Hi Nicolas Sardegna, we will continue to present interesting and diverse content. We ask for more care and love in the future
Great game plenty to do and the ads help alot with resources,fishing is great
  • Purple Ocean
  • Hello Peter Stephenson, thank you so much for the great comment. Updated the improved version due to some errors. Hope you enjoy playing. thank you
It happened again. Was playing the game and on level 16 already And all my crews are gone again I know this is not a server game but its getting kinda frustrating that everytime I have a full crew of 5 when I exit the game properly, I come back without my crew, even the pieces I collected for higher tiered crew is gone. No way to compensate players as this is a non server game, I spent crystals so I can get better crew but they disappear and have to get back to square one. Very frustrating.
  • Purple Ocean
  • Hello Niel Rivera, Thank you very much for your hard work to make the game better. It seemed that there was a misunderstanding during the exchange of related content, so we sent the opinion by e-mail again. Once again we say thank you.
Absolutely love the game but there’s one issue, for some reason I cannot press the little picture that shows the wanted poster with a shark and in green words says update above it. I figured it was because I had to get to a certain level first but it’s still there.
  • Purple Ocean
  • Hello Conrad Cote, what you are talking about is content to be updated in the future. We will be releasing the content in the near future, so please give us a lot of interest and support. thank you.
Love the game. Helps with aiming for target. Love the auto hunt.
  • Purple Ocean
  • Hello TheDarkMessiah73 SoulSuckingBastard, thank you for playing the game. we will continue to present interesting and diverse content. We ask for more care and love in the future.
I’m new but the reason why I put 4 stars is because I already like this game and I think the idea is fantastic. No intrusive ads unless you want to double up which personally I don’t mind at all. Great game guys.
  • Purple Ocean
  • Hello Claude Thibaudeau, We are moved by your wonderful review. Thank you for your excellent rating for the game. We are preparing interesting content. Thank you for your support and love. thank you.

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