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Welcome to Golden Heights, a once-glamorous community in desperate need of your help!

Take up the role of designer as you aid bubbly Community Manager Paige in making over the city and its wacky residents. Save businesses, create beautiful community spaces, better the lives of the citizens, and maybe even help Paige find love!

Revitalize this modern community and restore Golden Heights to its former glory!

Meet eccentric residents and find drama around every corner!
Host inspiring community events and help the city thrive!
Make over new friends and change lives!
Love is in the air! Who will Paige choose?
Blast your way through exciting match-3 levels and minigames!

Golden Heights needs you, and the residents can’t wait to meet you. Welcome home!
Support: moderncommunity[at]

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Modern Community user reviews :

I like it but there are issues that definitely mar the experience. When you lose round, you can spend 900 coins to continue or click “skip” if you want to try again. However, if you pause too long before hitting “skip” it turns into the “continue for 900 coins” button and now you’re out coins you didn’t want to waste. That almost seems like a trick but I bet it’s just bad design.

  • Hey there! We’re glad to see you’re enjoying Modern Community and appreciate your feedback. It’s extremely important to our team that our players have the best experience possible. We have carefully noted your suggestions and have forwarded them to our design team . We hope you keep enjoying our game!

The games overall pretty fun, good graphics and I like the option of choices. A couple of suggestions. 1: it feels that some of the choices, when it comes to choosing outfits for the characters are more feminine in nature. Being a guy, as much as I like the game, I wish there were more masculine color clothes. 2: I wish the rainbow glass orb wouldn’t be used if a bomb or rocket is nearby and hits it and I wish it were immune to other powerups till I choose to use it.

  • Hey there! We’re glad to see you’re enjoying Modern Community and appreciate your feedback. We’ll make sure to take your suggestions into consideration as we work to improve the game. Feel free to reach out to our Support Team(Game Settings Help and Support) if you need any further assistance.

Fun when you start, but eventually even the non “hard” levels become too challenging and you only get to try 5 times before you are out of lives and have to choose a different game. I’d prefer a game that stays relatively easy so it can be played for longer periods of time. You can pay for extra power ups but they are usually not helpful at the start of a level so that’s basically a waste of money. The only useful one is unlimited lives.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the difficulty of the levels.Our original intention is to create an exciting and challenging game for everyone to play. Based on your feedback, we will make appropriate adjustments to the difficulty of the game in the future version update.

Love the game! Its fun and I can’t wait for the next chapter. I read through reviews and agree that rainbow powerups should be immune to other power ups, bc if you get all the free power ups from the cat tower, you get some levels with confined spaces and have no choice but to use the bombs, which then sets off the rainbow, which would have been useful later on in the game. I love the fashion frenzie and PU. However, it sucks that you have to buy it in order to unlock the golden box at the end

  • Thank you for the glowing review! We are so happy to hear that you enjoy our game! Thank you for your valuable feedback about our game. We have carefully noted your suggestions and have forwarded them to our design team.

Love the game, I would have given 5 stars but they only thing that lets it down is the cost. It would be better if we could watch an ad to get the 5 extra moves instead of having to buy coins as some of the levels take days to complete because they are to hard and it becomes boring to keep trying to complete them. Apart from that it’s brilliant.

I like the idea, even tho it’s nothing like I expected or wanted, but it crashes & freezes a LOT! Every 1-3 levels, every day, in fact. Skipping the story script helps, but not sure the graphics are worth the glitches. U can’t even dress or charge anyone, & unless the “create ur own family” ad bait is part of the storyline, I don’t see how that can happen. U can match 3. It went from remodeling a town, to being a house renovation match 3 game (So over used idea), as soon as the tutorial ended.

  • Hi, thank you for sharing your valuable review. It’s extremely important to our team that our players have the best experience possible. This is something we’re constantly working on achieving. Your feedback is invaluable to us in improving the game. We encourage you to keep playing, and soon you will encounter more exciting content!

The game play is super fun, so far smooth with great graphics. I also enjoy the story line. the puzzles are challenging at times but you get enough easier ones to help you get through the story line. I do wish there was a way to make more coins though, I find it difficult once getting stuck on a level to progress storyline. id like to see more ways to make coins. that being said I appreciate the lack of ADs although if it were added I wouldn’t mind as long as it wasn’t annoying .

  • Hi, thank you for your feedback. We are happy to hear you’re enjoying Modern Community We have carefully noted your suggestions and have forwarded them to our design team. Happy gaming and hope your community becomes more beautiful and stylish day by day!

This is the best match-3 game I have ever played. The story is cute and engaging, and the puzzles range from very simple to quite challenging but I’ve never gotten “stuck” on a level like I have in every other game like this I’ve played. It is a true FTP game amazingly, but I’ve made purchases to support the developers. My wish is for the player to actually be able to choose between Enzo and Tyler at some point – but I know that would create a lot more work. Can’t wait for the next update!!!

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