Modern Gun – Show your skills in warfare

[Game] Modern Gun – Shooting War

Modern Gun  Your war has just begun!

Shooting online with players from all over the world – show your skills in warfare!

Modern Gun – This is a modern shooter and action first-person shooter with realistic physics and amazing graphics! The game is included in the top best war shooters! This multiplayer shooting game needs a counter fighter like you, make a strike! This game is close in spirit to such games as Call of Duty & CSGO !

Shooting game features:

Unique maps with different terrain features
Legendary fighters and special forces with many characteristics
Huge arsenal, more than 20 types of modern weapons, choose your modern skin
A variety of pumping guns and your fighter
Climb up the rankings and climb up the leagues
Stunning 3d graphics, high optimization and performance
Multiple battle modes: Deathmatch PvP: every man for himself or Team battle.
Constant action, the best multiplayer shooter war game online

Choose a side, equip your weapons, put on top skins and go into battle, an exciting FPS war shooter awaits you! Play with friends online! You will get an unforgettable experience of warfare in a modern shooter! Game similar to Call of Duty and CSGO !

If you like online first-person shooters, then these modern shooters, online shooting games, war games are for you!

Modern Gun user reviews :

Fun game to learn touch fps controls. I enjoy it. reminds me of counterstrike. Configuring the controls isn’t exact so you have to do it a few times(they aren’t placed exactly where you set them). Wish you could chose your maps, and create clans, but maybe that’s what makes it fun. A few times it erased my progress which was a little irritating. Fun simple multiplayer action.

  • What is your favourite game?

This is NOT a serious shooting game. But it is a great stress reliever! Controls are a little loose, auto aim and auto shoot. No recoil on guns, pros and noobs together, grenades fall like rain. Pure unadulterated mayhem! Your gonna kill 100 people on little maps and die several times doing it! But if your looking for just a fun shooter, this is it. If you wanna serious one, keep looking.

  • Hello. What are your favorite games? What games do you like to play? We will try to do better. Thank you!

Uhh so I came back to this game after I guess over a year and I can’t say anything because it’s so new to me, it’s not like the old one anymore but the optimization I can say is pretty good despite being on a high graphics it’s not laggy so yeah…. And one more thing, I can’t login to Google play so I’m just playing as a guest. I don’t know what is the problem but its not really working even after trying 40 times already.

  • What is your favourite game?

I was very surprised by how good this game is. It feels official and fully fleshed out in the graphics and the gameplay. And best of all this game doesn’t shove ads down your throat. Mobile games like this deserve support, you can tell that the devs actually cares. I HIGHLY recommend it.

  • Hello. What are your favorite games? What games do you like to play? We will try to do better. Thank you!

I like this game but here are things needed to change 1) players choose any map/place they want to play. 2) play with friends as these kind of random online players battling is outdated. 3) choose any weapons/guns during ongoing battle as this has limited to only before battle (i.e players can only possess gun that has been selected before the battle). 4) players can select time for how long they can battle. 5) New maps as there are only 4-5 map places.

  • Hello. What are your favorite games? What games do you like to play? We will try to achieve more. Thank you!

This fps game is great for FPS Games beginners, however..more advanced experienced (veteran) players may find the game somewhat.. generic in it’s storyline and action. I prefer a vast collection of multi-platform FPS/TPS games (COD,MW,MOH on PCs, MC1-5,COD,PUBG,Frontline Commando on my Android(s) gadgets which provide realistic clear and smooth graphics, easy interface and weapons employment, enhanced player control, with an immersive storyline.

  • What is your favourite game?

My favourite game is call of duty mobile. This game is lacking new content, button customizations, And there is no good feeling after killing an enemy. Killing sound should be good. I don’t think killing sound is that much of a size. Just put the CODM enemy killing sound in it

It’s a good and fun game. Smooth and easy to control. But one thing I don’t get. I’m already on level 3 and bought a gun. But when I log in, I’m still on level 2 and the gun I bought still locked. Why is that?

  • Hello. What are your favorite games? What games do you like to play? We will try to do better. Thank you!

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