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Design? Fashion? Travel? Comedy? Yes! Aimee’s Interiors has it all.

Meet charming Aimee Cooper, a young American woman from the Midwest who is about to make it big in the interior design world. Work alongside Aimee and become a go-to decorator for celebrities as well as laypeople. Challenge home design boundaries and create the most glamorous interiors in this new relaxing home renovation game for FREE!

Play for free and offline!

Sharpen your decorating skills by designing homes, cafes, outdoor bars, living rooms, and many more visually stunning three-dimensional rooms. Discover trending home design styles, varying from the Mediterranean, Scandinavian to Japandi.

Travel with Aimee around the world, from Paris to Hawaii, and design properties ranging from luxurious mansions to farmhouse Fixer Uppers. Enjoy delightful stories, meet funny characters, and renovate their homes. Lots of good taste, humor, and drama are waiting for you!


Relax through play and express your creativity in each new Episode
Discover trending designs and get inspired to create your own decorating style.
Renovate fresh, glamorous spaces and learn about different interior design styles.
Travel around the world and create custom designs for each country
Experience a story filled with funny and heartfelt dialogue!

Solve challenging blast puzzles to uncover Aimee’s exciting story, unlock hidden areas, and decorate new spaces in each Episode. Relax, sit down, and enjoy this exciting story!

If you like to watch HGTV property renovation, home design shows, like Fixer Upper and Property Brothers, then Aimee’s Interiors is a perfect virtual interior design game for you

Aimee’s Interiors will be updated with more blast puzzles to solve and more fun story chapters regularly! Already played and enjoyed the game? Stay tuned for updates and drop us a review!


We are Purple Cow Studio at Cookapps. We all love to watch home remodeling shows and browse Pinterest for inspiring interior photos. We create home decor games we love to play ourselves. If you’re into home design, join our vibrant design community on:


App Permissions
Optional Permissions
required storage access permission to save game data

Permission setting and withdrawal method
Android 6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> Select App> Revoke Access
Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access by deleting an application

Modern House user reviews :

It could be a great game IF they didn’t charge so much to decorate the rooms. What do I mean? It takes well over 10,000 coins to decorate the first room. The second room, a walk-in closet, takes over 30,000 coins ( this is an estimate, based off the 4 items I’ve already placed ). Earning coins through playing levels is typical, but you would have to play so many levels to do just the closet, I estimate about 60 levels, that this quickly becomes a pay to play game. UNINSTALLED

The sound effects are very satisfying and the artwork is good. It is a match 3 to decire and you can use more than just 1 style. Meaning if you get the pink couch you aren’t stuck with whatever set it was designed for out of the 3 options and that’s nice. 4 stars so you know Im real, and the ads aren’t too bad either. Good job!

It’s an ok game,however you can only collect cash to buy the furniture by playing the puzzle and it only gifts you 800-1000$ per puzzle…and the furniture is expensive, so it takes a long time to complete a room because you have to play the puzzle to finance each piece you need to complete the room…kinda annoying, I guess it’s a puzzle game

So far I have enjoyed this game, I always wonder when does the costs become over the top. But so far it’s great, graphics are great, and the choices are great, the rewards are great to. Let’s hope this is the ultimate game choice

I really like the game – less ads than many and fun to play BUT level 579 is impossible to get past without spending a fortune that I am not willing or able to. I will have to uninstall as a result.

Refreshing new game for me…do wish colors on each of the components of decorative design were better color coordinated than what they appear to be…sorry, but I’m quite a perfectionist…BTW, my favorite colors are shades of gray . LOL.

This game is super fun and the levels (that I’ve done anyways are super fun and easy) and I’ve always liked playing design games like this, this might be one of the best ones I’ve played.

Love this game very addictive the only thing I don’t understand is, when I win coins why do they put them in the piggy bank, then I have to buy the coins I’ve already won, defeats the purpose of me winning the coins, it’s really an unfair deal

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