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[Game] Modern War

Modern War  Build a global military empire and destroy your enemies in Modern War!

World Domination is now within your grasp! Join a faction and join the fight in Modern War, the popular combat game where you face off against enemies for control of country after country, until you rule ‘em all.

Taking over the world isn’t for the weak. Build strength in numbers by teaming up with other players and pooling rewards from individual missions. Then, declare war against rival factions during monthly three-day World Domination events for the chance to put your name on the map—literally. Because in Modern War, it’s not enough to want power, you have to take it.


Free-to-play MMORPG military combat game
Form a faction with friends and other players
Fight in monthly LIVE World Domination events
Attack rivals for control of countries and territories
Run a command center and build fortifications
Get elected as a faction “Defense Leader”
See your winning faction’s name on a world map

This is an ONLINE ONLY game. You must be connected to the Internet to play.
Modern War – World Domination is suitable for fans of strategy, rpg and mmo games.

Modern War user reviews:

Loved it when it first came out and active, but now its dead (barely anyone plays it anymore). Impossible to find a faction where people actually play. Lot of things need fixed, Especially prices. If this game stays up, they need to update it so you can search for active factions, make raids more fair and balanced, and fix prices or stats of units at the stores (cause the price is crazy for crappy units)

It is a good game but the volt needs to be fixed a the higher level i have fun playing the game

The app needs lots of fixes for it to be the game it use to be. Since Deca taken over seems they trying to get things sorted. Still a way to go but they getting there

Played for 8 years since Deca took over its problem after problem, cant upgrade or build anything , takes forever to log on not to mention they want access to everything even to make phone calls. I’m done

Really good game. I hope u guys introduce an builder to increase number of construction and landmass expansion like u guys did with the upgrading by introducing upgrade specialist

Why do they need access to my photos to control my phone calls read my text why would use possibly need to do this just to play a freaking game its ridiculous.

Used to love this game way back. Not even going to try to play it now since it won’t let me unless I give it permission to access my contacts and yo make and receive phone calls… Shod be MANDATORY for ANY game to need to make a phone call.

Maybe I’m blinded by nostalgia but this is arguably the best base building game after clash of clans and boom beach. The reason I don’t give it 5 stars though is because of the overly large amount of bugs in the game.

Buggy, loads of glitches, lags, event rewards don’t make it into inventory despite sending tickets in. Been playing for years, which I know is stupid on my part, but there is lots of time spent building the base up to where it is now. I’m no powerhouse by any means. And you can play this game without spending hard earned cash, I never used a dime of my own money, and I can’t help but laugh $ smh at anyone that does spend actual money on ANY game…

I like this game very much because of its unique features in the game and I hope that there are many changes and additions would benefit the game and the players. However, when it comes to battling or raiding the rivals, it is very rare to find some rival that you could attack easily and raid them, this however, because of superior rivals that always showing up in rival target list, something you can’t outmatch or defeat in the game. But in the Overall gameplay, I enjoy this game.

I found it a great game to pass the time when bored and as a phone game it works very well for that task. 589-503-332 add me. I play this game a lot.

907-124-670 and 225-062-398 we need more allies please…. Gave u 5 star after new update, start up faster already

Great game add me 826 568 038

It’s very fun and easy to use. I play it everyday. Add me 833-317-318.

Loving it so far just stsrted a few hrs and need some allies.. Add me… 357 672 072

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