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Monster Castle Featured globally on the Google Play Store – Best New Game

Monster Lord’s castle is well-designed and full of traps. Greedy bats hiding in the dark and grim pumpkins running around. Along with the death of howling, the door of alchemical room slowly opened. Orcs and Goblins are standing by. Armor up! It’s time to fight the humans!
Take advantage of Monster Castle’s unique vertical tower defense gameplay to strategically fight your way to victory alongside millions of other players!

Enter a surprising new world of original characters, and have the time of your life as you make it to the top of the leaderboards!
Arrange your castle defenses to dispatch of anyone who dares invade your base! Battle is easy to learn, but hard to master!
PvP strategy: test out different strategies and discover a hidden system of clever battle tactics.
Train your dragon to burn enemy castles to the ground and defend your own castle from attack!
Fight opponents worldwide: join an alliance and wage war against players from around the world.
Exciting daily missions: make your castle stronger every day by collecting Gold, filling your Wine Barrel, and much more!
IDLE System,The gold mine will continue to produce gold when you’re away.

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Made by the Empire Defense Team

NOTE: Monster Castle is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

Monster Castle user reviews :

This game is still the most addictive game that i have played. new game has bought a few changes,one of which is the inability to upgrade heroes with blood stones :( Compensation offered to old players was petty. Also very difficult for new players/smaller castles to grow especially when established alliances don’t have space to accommodate them like in earlier version. Bring something for newer players, so they stick around to grow and this game can have more competition like before. Thanks.

Man, what a fall from grace. This used to hands-down be my favorite game. This new rerelease has gotteb rid of features and made getting scrolls, etc. near impossible, if at all. keys,…etc. are all basically removed. pretty much pay-to-win. on top of that, the game doesnt even load after the update. Easy pass.

it’s a good game with very cool concept and graphics. it’s kinda like clash of clans base builder but the vertical castle is a nice twist. players who are f2p will find it difficult to unlock epic heroes (approx 3 months for 1) you gotta gave patience. once you unlock them, getting dread badges is not very difficult. cons – base UI is very cluttered unfair matchups due to relatively small playerbase. sometimes screen freezes during replays and alliance pages. facebook login won’t work.

I played this before and a lot of other players played it and it was good, now I can’t log in and it’s stuck in verify account screen (so I ask you the creators of the game to please fix this bug and also please fix the bug about watching the replay video, I really want to see how good I did destroing these players.)

This game is good even now. I played this year’s ago and it still is a pretty good game not gonna lie. Everything is smooth and the visual with gameplay are also very good. I love that this game is hand drawn the art looks nice. I have no issues with it and I would recommend

I played this game back when it first came out till the game was discontinued for my old phone I finally bought a new phone and was suprised to see this game in the appstore. I lost my old progress but don’t mind because the game is as amazing as I remember, 5/5 stars from me.

gets repetitive and boring. almost as if they dont want you to play, just like clash of clans upgrading things take days near mid game to do 1 upgrade and loot is usually scarce even when getting high level still find poor beginners for most attacks in pvp.

It was such a good game while it lasted on windows Phone. I hope someone buys this and makes it go live again. Such beautiful memories I have of this game and making friends. Just bring this game back pls.

I came back after 5 years it has the same spark with some changes and….. The most awesome thing us that you don’t have to train your troops again if they aren’t dead in a battle…. And very minimal hero training time…. Just one problem that i faced was that i wasn’t able to logon with Facebook…. Rest all is awesome..

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