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[Game] Multi Legends

Multi LegendsFull multiplayer game play.

The first MOBA ever where you control everything. Instead of being stuck controlling just one legend, you’re able to switch between legends at any time!


Designed for the best Multiplayer Mobile experience.
Team up with or against friends.
Competitive and non-ranked Matchmaking.
Full mobile Joystick controls.
Practice modes.
60 FPS.

Watch live competitive games, even if your in matchmaking queue waiting for your own match to start!

A game that breaks the mold and allows players to combine strategy with action in a truly unique way.
You can command your legends to play aggressive or defensive, tell them which lanes to fight in, and even decide which items to buy them.
Shared gold. Are you the type that likes to spread out your items evenly throughout your 5 legends? Or do you stack up one? The choice is yours!

Each player has their own town to recruit and train legends.
Create your own type of hero: If you’ve always wanted an archer that is super tanky instead of a glass cannon its up to you to shape and customize your legend to fit your tactics and strategy.

Customize your Legends with Epic and Legendary Skins.
Set custom dances and emotes to show off in game.
Battle Pass with Seasons filled with Epic Loot and season rewards.

Multi Legends user reviews :

It’s a good game with potential. The queues for sure need some work and upgrading hero stats too could be a little more refined too but potential none the less. No pay to win please!!! Pay to accessorize!! Edit: still a fun game, maybe a little more explanation about the training facilities. I don’t remember going over that in the tutorial, just a few brief matches and then into the game. I played LoL for a long time. This is a fun little replica.

  • Thanks for the reviews Jeremy, We are working on everything you mentioned here and will continue to add more Champs and refine the current ones.

Haven’t experienced much myself but the map size needs to increase for the top and bot lanes. You don’t know how many times I try to attack an enemy then they run to their turret whilst I’m playing a melee character. Also is there a targeting system because when I try to attack enemy it just changes to minion. The same when I attack turrets.

need to use vpn and controlling 5 champions at the same time is so frustrating and confusing!! why can’t it be 5v5 or 3v3(at least) with actual real players behind every champion like other MOBA games? The game is really casual and simple. It has potential! Needs more features

Really good, I love the content of your game but even though it’s still developing at this time I have a list of things I would like fixed. When the knight boy go uses his ability to turn himself into a bigger version and you want him to recall without taking control, he doesn’t. I find that to sometimes be an annoyance. Another thing is when you can’t control special attacks. I would like to aim to legends but I can’t because of the minions. Overall I love this game, keep up the good work

Great game, love the concept but there are two very annoying bugs that need too be fixed. 1 when you start a match it gives you a 1 second window to press accept. If one person dosen’t do it in time the game declines and it makes a continuous annoying sound. 2 the game seems to lag, but only when you try to cast an ability. Trying to attack your opponent with an ability to kill them just before they excape? Too bad. Other then those frustrating bugs it’s a great game. Needs more heroes.

LOTS of potential in this game. But some things need more explanation like how legend stats affect skills and everything else in the game. A new game mode to get coin would be a good addition too. Training system could also use some improvements. But yeah, really fun game

This game is amazing. Please improve the graphics a bit higher and add more texture. This game needs a lot of innovative development. And please merge stick war legacy 3 and stick war legacy together. Stick war legacy is øne of the top stickman games son

Good game. Cool 2d moba. Just it have few bugs and the matchmaking is so long there are no even players. This is challenging bc this is 5 switching hero

It’s so funny and so nostalgic, reminds me of an old game I used to play on Mobile, like where you can control everyone and works like other MOBA games, I really like the concept of this game as soon as I touch it, altho Im not sure if I am lagging in my multiplayer match, but please update this more I like the concept of this game, wish my luck for this game to succeed

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