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[Game] Monster Demolition – Giants 3D

Monster DemolitionIT’S A SMASH HIT GAME!

The pixelated apocalypse is here, and all that stands between humanity and the forces of destruction is you and your truck. So climb up to the cab, put your foot to the floor, and race straight for the action in this wildly entertaining demolition game where the only way to win is to hit the giant monsters head-on with all you’ve got. Then do it again, and again, and again…

Start the demolition derby: It’s a one-way street headed straight for the monsters, pick your trajectory, hit the ramp and crash straight into the enemy, trying to cause maximum destruction.

Keep chipping away: Even the perfect crash isn’t going to bring these giant monsters down first time, so chip away at them with multiple attacks until they finally crumble.

Study all angles: This is an all-action game, but it pays to use a little strategy if you want to destroy the monsters in the fewest number of moves. Judge the angle and velocity of your truck to maximize damage from each crash and try to bring your enemy tumbling down by hitting their support.

They won’t go down without a fight: Monsters aren’t just going to stand there while you keep ramming into them. Get ready to dodge a whole arsenal of fireballs, spikes on the road, and tossed bombs.

So hit them where it hurts: If you want to make your life easier, aim your first assaults at the monster’s power source. That way you’ll have less to deal with on the road to destruction.

And you’ve got something up your sleeve too: Each time you deal damage to a monster, you gain cogs, which you can spend on augmentations – including rocket launchers, giant bombs, or a size increase for your vehicle – or boosters to increase your armor, power, or bonus for the next crash.

Where did they come from and how did they get so big? The game has 52 different animated giant monsters to demolish, from dinosaurs to superheroes to horror legends to ancient myths. Each has their particular powers and weak points, so you’ll have to adapt your smash tactics for every level to make progress in the game.

Fight the monsters with monster trucks: As you advance in the game, you’ll be able to upgrade your pickup for even greater demolition damage, and eventually move on to bigger and better vehicles, including a police car and a full-size semi-truck.

Lovely views, shame about the weather: There are eight unique and beautiful locations in the game, from city high-rises to snowy mountain peaks and from abandoned parking lots to outer space, so be sure to enjoy the view while you’re there. Unfortunately, you’ll also have to deal with the local conditions, which include tornadoes, meteorites and lightning storms.


Looking for an original action adventure with simple but addictive gameplay and increasingly challenging opponents? Ready to demolish an awesome range of massive monsters block by block? Then download Monster Demolition now, set your GPS to Destroy and hit the highway!

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Monster Demolition user reviews :

Its a fun game. Great time killer. But, the ads really impact gameplay. Game persistently gets stuck between ads, ads every 3 runs, ads at the bottom of the screen. I uninstalled after a few runs. I really enjoyed it but the ads kill the game. Id happily view ads to help you guys out but making them so persistent and everwhere makes the app feel like spam and premium forced. Other apps have been very succesful with a less aggresive ad platform. Ads do run when game gets stuck at bottom of screen

The game is okay. It’s a bit repetitive, but a decent time killer. The ads aren’t too bad compared to some other games, but sometimes they crash and you have to restart the app. Other than that, not too many complaints. EDIT: after 80 levels I am seeing repeat monsters. Never saw Spiderman like I was promised in the ad. Guess it’s time to uninstall.

A very addictive game. A satisfying feedback loop. There are ads, but you have enough time to make progress. They’re *actually* skippable which is a rarity in modern apps. Once you figure out the strategy it *does* get pretty easy to progress, but it doesn’t feel broken. It’s still plenty satisfying every time. The game took about 3-4 days of consistently playing to “beat” and even repeating would be fun still. All I would want is more levels and maybe a purchase option to remove ads.

Game is easy and addicting. At same time it does get repetitive with lots of ADs – though some gets you stuff. But by level 43 the app froze up around a dozen times, had to Force Stop several times, and it crashed my phone a few times. So, it’s gotta go before it does irreversible damage.

Its a fun game only suggestion I have is every level there should get bonus coins for clearing a level, because there are numerous levels where I clear it in 2 to 3 attempts and get only about 200 to 100 coins for it and thats it. So if you add a bonus coins after each level then it would make sense for the power ups and such. Thank you for the entertaining game that is exactly like the ads for the game.

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