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[Game] JDM Racing – Drag & Drift Races

JDM Racing JDM Racing : Experience the real drive, sense the speed and feel a surge of adrenaline from skidding in a new  racing game from the creators of Drift Legends. Hop into a legendary Japanese ​sport car ​and  begin furious ​street race​!

Drive legendary Japanese ​race cars​ on various races, tracks. Beat records, take part in different  racing events, pump up your sport ​car driving skills​ and rise from Beginner to Pro League driver.  Collect, win, tune up, and upgrade your dream cars.


Advanced graphics and design: enjoy 3D graphics, ​realistic driving ​physics, simulating  every aspect of car behaviour.
Diverse​ race ​tracks: a variety of beautiful tracks created specifically for ​online racing.  Drag, drift races ​and many more!
In-game challenges​:​ ​drag racing​, time attack, sprint, checkpoints, survival, ​street racing  and other challenges
Career mode: gain experience starting from the Beginner ​racer​, earn Pro League status  to discover secret cars
Unique ​driving​ experience: each car is special – experience the weight and power, find  your balance. We added real engine sounds for every car.
Customize cars​: make them exclusive using paint, tuning, upgrades and rims
Extra tools: turbocharger, gearbox and tires sounds
Control points: choose controls that suit you to handle ​skidding cars​ and make some  impressive drifts

Enjoy your ​real ​street racer​ experience starting today!​ If You’re a Car Enthusiast, This Game is  Definitely for You.

JDM Racing user reviews :

This is pretty good, the car physics are good and the game runs smoothly. Also the car models and environments look nice. Upgrade parts could look nicer, but I havn’t seen anything past the first car and first 25 challenges, but so far very nice.

Very fun game, good way to lose a few hours. However I have to restart my progress because I used my upgrade points “incorrectly” (didn’t know that was possible) and now I cannot beat the career or daily challenge drag race (model B 03). I have no possible way to upgrade my car. I bought the model B 06 for 5 bucks thinking it would be more powerful than my previous car. It wasn’t and now I have to completely restart the game in order to progress past that point.

Great game. I enjoyed the controls and the music. Any chance of getting multiplayer? Just having private lobbies would be great. *Edit : Increased to 5 stars. Developers respond, which is good in my book. I think there needs to be either a tutorial which explains what is what, at least for new players. Do you guys have Discord or something? My friends and I can provide some feedback.
  • Black Fox Entertainment Studio
  • Thanks for your feedback. We are working on a full-fledged multiplayer. Now we are introducing the first phase – Ghost Multiplayer. We launched it as a beta version. Let’s see how it works and fix it. And let’s move on to the development of the next phase. You can freely write to us by email.
Very good game! I like this game as it has good graphics and good customisations on cars. The cars drift good and the tracks are awesome the races could do with abit better competition, not to make it too hard tho. And maybe some more different customisation and wheels, maybe some different paint types aswell. The game can be abit laggy but then again it might just be my phone lol. Overall really great game hopefully an update is due Well done!
  • Black Fox Entertainment Studio
  • Thanks for such a detailed feedback. The game will be updated. Stay with us.
Been awhile since I got hooked into a car game. I’m usually big into drag racing games but this one sucked me in I really enjoy this game. And the ads aren’t in your face after every race. 100% should download an try it
  • Black Fox Entertainment Studio
  • Thank you for your wonderful words. Happy New Year!
Put this game at the top of the charts. Original gran turismo feel. Would love to see y’all do Tokyo extreme racer style game. Awesome so far can’t wait to see what future updates bring. Keep up the good work.
  • Black Fox Entertainment Studio
  • Thanks for such peppy words. Thanks!
It finally let me past it, I believe it was my wifi not being in enough range, I restarted my phone and switched to my data and it worked, I give this 5 stars now, I figured I was gonna be stuck there until the next update, this game is fantastic but the SINGLE complaint I have is that you can barely hear the sound of your car just exhaust pops but either way 10/10 No, it doesnt say coming soon. Once I beat an event or finish the challenge persay the screen
  • Black Fox Entertainment Studio
  • God bless us. We are glad that your problem has passed. Yesterday, we completed the complete replacement of the sound of all cars. In the next update you will see it. An update is planned for next week.

Latest Update :

fixed some bugs
updated some races
updated some car settings

Contact developer :


Video :

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