Monster Never Cry – Uncover the Truth of the Monster World

[Game] Monster Never Cry

Monster Never CryJoin Monster Never Cry for amazing rewards and embark on a revolutionary anti-hero RPG journey!

Dear [Demon Lord], the time has come to assemble your [Devil Legion] and rebuild the Exiled City from the ruins. Let us reshape [destiny] by crushing the Warriors led by the Hero King!

Join other Demon Lords from around the world to uncover the truth behind the invasion of [Askr]. With your mighty power, we believe that Monsters will never cry.

Hatch to Get Shiny Monsters
Collect Fel Eggs and hatch them. Will you be lucky enough to get powerful monsters? The attributes of monsters are randomly generated. Find the mightiest one! Remember, shiny mutated monsters are the rarest.


Embrace the Anti-Hero Faction
Uncover the Truth of the Monster World

Collect and Match
The fun of building up your Monster Army is to collect and match different types of monsters strategically. Mix and match your monsters to win battles!

Hatch to Get Shiny Monsters
Collect Fel Eggs and hatch them. Will you be lucky enough to get powerful monsters? The attributes of monsters are randomly generated. Find the mightiest one! Remember, shiny mutated monsters are the rarest.

Synthesis and Evolution
The Overlord will gradually evolve from a baby into the most feared being. Monsters can be synthesized to rank up and obtain fearsome power.

Grinding and Auto-battle
Enjoy Idle AFK Mode — Triumph and Reap Rewards Effortlessly

Expand and Rebuild
Rebuild Devil City — Restore Its Former Glory From Amidst the Ruins

Conquer with Your Team
Build the Ultimate Formation — Conquer with Strategic Finesse

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Monster Never Cry user reviews :

It’s really good and I love the plot so far and the art but I just can’t get enough level up coins for the monsters and part from that it’s really good and others should try out your amazing work………………… Edit: ok this game only gets better the more you play but to evolve you need to do challenges. Pleaseeeee the counter strike challenges at least let me skip the battles cause I’m stuck here watching them batte and it’s quite slow even in two speed so plzzz. Anyways def should

  • Thank you for your encouragement and support of our game. We will continue to improve the game and try our best to give you a better game experience!

It’s early in it’s release, there are still some bugs to iron out. One in particular I might mention is ge tactile responce is sluggish – it often takes four or even five taps to select something. That said it is very fun, has a great art style, and doesn’t slam you with purchases like other games similar to this one. Fix the bug and I’d give it five.

  • Thank you for providing your valuable suggestion! We will promptly convey your suggestions to the respective departments responsible for game improvements. We will exert every effort to enhance the overall gaming experience.

It’s cute, it doesn’t seem too complicated the way a lot of gacha games are, and I greatly appreciate the tutorial not holding me hostage and restricting my ability to click on things for like an hour (or longer). However, without being able to at least manually activate abilities, it’s just not engaging enough for me. Too entirely automated for my tastes.

  • We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while playing our game. Our team is committed to enhancing your gaming experience to the best of our ability. We appreciate your understanding and support. Thank you!

Definitely the best mobile game I’ve played in a while! Not sure how to describe the gameplay. It’s similar to an afk arena style game but there is so much more to it. Great variety of things to do without it being overwhelming. I don’t feel the pressure to have to play 24/7 and do every daily to keep up. It’s friendly for both casuals and whales. UI is fantastic & smooth, gameplay is easy to learn, tutorial is great, and the art is beautiful! Highly recommend for anyone.

  • Thank you for your unwavering love and support for Monster! Rest assured, our dedicated team will persistently strive to enhance your gaming experience and keep it captivating.

Overall, it’s a solid game. Pretty art. Clear organization and navigation. Lots of different routes of game play to gather resources for progression. Cute story that I’m interested in reading more often than in other games. I like the concept of playing as the monsters against the hero gamers who don’t see the monsters as people, just game data. I can’t see anything it’s really lacking. It’s definitely more of a casual, not very active strategy based, gaming experience. Some people prefer that.

  • Dear player,we greatly appreciate your support and encouragement! Our team will put forth our utmost effort to enhance the game and ensure that you have a truly exceptional gaming experience in the future. Together, let’s embark on an exciting journey towards a better gaming adventure!

An okay time killer, just started so there isn’t too much going on right now but there’s potential for more, better combat. Update: engagement from the devs is always a cool thing to see. Edit: To update my comment about combat, I think it would be a good addition to be able to have the option to manually cast ultimate abilities. For example, my Loki wants to go on a murdering spree right before some one else wants to cast a defense debuff on enemies. Being able to control that would be great

  • Dear beloved player,we deeply value your unwavering support and love for Monster. We want you to feel confident that our passionate team is continuously committed to improving and enhancing your gaming experience. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we will spare no effort in ensuring your enjoyment while playing.

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